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Choti Sardarni 2nd October 2020 Kulwant says I saw in video he had a big scar on his back. Vikram says I will be back. Aditi says I am also coming. He says you don’t need to panic. I am fine. He walks out.

Manav goes to restroom. He recalls being stabbed. He recalls Surya begging him to stay as his son. Manav sees his past and says you have to keep the new promises. You have a new family. Forget about Meher. It’s her love and her prayers that you’re still alive but you forgot everything. Manav recalls the promises they made to each other. His past says your life was taken away from you in a moment by Meher’s mom and her brothers.

Manav says I didn”t die because my Meher was alive and praying for me. Manav says she’s my love. His past says then go, she’s waiting for you. It isn’t too late. Manav says yes it isn’t late. I am coming Meher.

Scene 2
Meher and Sarab clean the garden. Martha speaks to her maasi on phone. She says Angel is fine. Meher goes to her room. She throws stuff at them.

Manav recalls his moments with Meher. He says I am coming Meher. Manav says to Aditi I am going for some work. I will be back. Seema says where are you going? He says it isn’t late mom. I will be back, I love you mom. Manav leaves.

Angel shouts where is my iPad? I want my iPad. Martha tries to search it. Meher says madam what happened? Angel is on wheelchair. Martha says my daughter met an accident. She lost her legs and with that her smile too. If anyone can bring her smile back, I would give them my everything. Angel says go from here. We don’t speak to househelp. Martha says I will order pizza for you. Meher says to Sarab we can make her smile. Martha says what did you say?

Scene 3
Param cries. The woman says his parent’s phones are off. The kidnapper says are they trying to tap us? He takes out the dagger.

Martha says what did you say? Meher says I can make angel better. My nana ji was a hakeem in atari. He healed so many patients like this. Martha says no doctors could do it. Did you see her condition? No one could heal her. Go away with your tricks. Meher says you never tried India. She says a lot of people gave me false hope. Meher says believe me. Give me one chance.

The kidnappers video call Harleen. She says where is Param? The kidnapper says where is my Param? Kulwant says don’t even dare harming Param. The kidnapper says ask her to shut or.. He shows the dagger. He says we want 50 crore in 24 hours. Harleen says I will give you but nothing should happen to my Param. The kidnapper says don’t try to act smart. Bring the money where I ask. Surya says don’t worry. Vicky has handled many cases like this. He will come back. Don’t worry.

Manav is on his way. He recalls his marriage with Meher and their time together. Manav says I am coming. Your Manav won’t let anything happen to you. I will never let you go away from me. I am coming Meher.

Martha says how long would it take? Meher says I will try my best. Martha says if my daughter is healed I will give you what you want otherwise I will kick you both out. Meher says okay. Angel says they can’t touch me. I will punch them. Everyone experiments on me.


Choti Sardarni 3rd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher tries to make a paste for Angel. Martha says she’s asleep. She will be mad if she wakes up. Meher says we need to take her to the sun. Sarab picks her bed and puts an umbrella on it so she doesn’t wake up with sunlight. Meher applies the paste on her legs. Angel wakes up.

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Telecast Date:2nd October 2020
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