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Choti Sardarni 2nd May 2022 Episode starts with Seher thinking about Rajveer’s words, while she is in the car with him. Song plays sachiya mohabbat.. They get down from the car and continue to sing song.

Rajveer makes her sit in the car. He drives car again. They reach home. Prince asks Mannat when Mamma will come. Seher and Rajveer come inside. Prince runs to Seher and asks where was you? Seher says sorry and tells that she will make him sleep. Karan asks what happened Raj? Rajveer goes without answering. Karan says we have sent them to get close, but it is of no use.

Mami says we will talk later. Kulwant comes to Seher and asks what happened? Seher says I know that I am doing right, but it doesn’t seem to be right, now God shall show the way to this mother and wife. Kulwant says I will do what the elder of the house shall do, and tells that she has kept path and langar at house tomorrow.

Seher says she don’t want. Kulwant asks her not to refuse and tells that she is doing this for the house happiness, and says she will pray for her grand daughter, God will show the way. Seher hugs her.

Mannat tells herself that she is not betraying anyone and is helping her own family. Some ladies come there and hug her. Mannat asks about the goons. The lady tells that the goons will not come as Zoravar and her have made them leave. Other lady talks about the factory opening there. Mannat says now they can work and earn money.

The lady tells that it is not that easy and tells about Zoravar telling that the work will be done through machines. Mannat asks if the embroidery will be done through machines? The lady tells that they are good at handwork, but now they have to compromise due to the good offer by Zoravar. Mannat thinks if I interfere then Zoravar will reveal my secret to everyone.

Zoravar talks to a lady. Scarlet asks if you want to start the factory here and says the ladies were not ready to take up the good offer. He says they will join us, they have to run their house. Scarlet talks about Mannat.

Zoravar says he don’t want to see her face. The lady asks Mannat to talk to Zoravar and make him understand, says machines will take their work away. Mannat says I shall talk to your family. The ladies tell that their husbands will not agree, as the loved the money so much. Another lady asks Mannat not to worry and says you have already done so much for us.

Mannat comes to the kitchen and offers to do work. She recalls the ladies’ plea that she shall do something. She tries to repair the grinder. Kulwant’s son comes and asks her to share what is in her heart.

Meanwhile Zoravar looks at the kids, whom he helps indirectly. A guy says they shall know that you help them. Zoravar says that is not important, they shall concentrate on their future. Kulwant’s son tells that those people are rich whose heart is big. Mannat switches on the grinder and the chutney spills on their faces. They laugh. Kulwant comes there and hears them. Mannat blames Kulwant’s son.

He says you talk so much and blaming me. Kulwant smiles and thinks if his daughter would have been with him, then it would be so good, but I ruined everything. He asks Mannat to come. Mannat thinks she has to fight for her rights, and she will fight with honesty. Mannat comes to the Gurudwara and prays that she shall get the strength to fight for the ladies. She thinks to meet Zoravar. Rajveer comes there with Seher and Prince, and they pray. Seher slips. Rajveer holds her.

Kulwant tells Seher that God has been punishing her and not letting her meet her grand daughter. Seher says may be you will get to meet your grand daughter today itself. Kulwant gets hopeful.

Mannat comes to the building, where painting work is going on. Zoravar sees her. She comes to him. Zoravar’s assistant says you are here. Zoravar sings him to go. Mannat tells that she don’t want to fight, but has come to talk about the phulkari artiste and tells that their work is their pride, and they are not interested to work on your machines.

Zoravar says it will be easy for them to work on machines and asks her not to interfere. She asks him to listen. He says once I decide, I don’t listen even to God, and says who are you, you are nothing to interfere, stay away from my project. Mannat thinks it is useless to talk to him, who is heartless and has no emotions and just thinks about business.

Kulwant prays to Baba ji to give her a sign that makes her reach her grand daughter. Her grand son shows her the sign, and says it is on Manpreet di’s hand, and I made similar one on my hand. Kulwant recalls seeing the birthmark on the little Mannat and recalls seeing it on Manpreet’s hand. She realizes that Manpreet is Mannat and gets emotional.

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Telecast Date:2nd May 2022
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