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Choti Sardarni 2nd January 2021 Meher and Param eat lunch with the family. Param says this necklace looks so good Amrita mami. Yuvi says it would be sold for something expensive. Kulwant says eat your foot. Amrita burns her hand. She says I am fine. Jagga says no you’re not. He applies cream. Meher recalls Arti’s pain. Sarab calls. Sarab says you wanted to talk. Meher says yes. Meher says can I come to your office? He says sure. Meher says to jagga please drop kids at home. She leaves in a hurry. Meher hugs everyone and leaves.

Meher comes to Sarab’s office. Sarab says gives a gift to Meher. MEher says thank you. He says you came here to surprise me, I surprised you. Meher s worried. Sarab says sit here. He gives her water. Sarab says now tell me.. Meher recalls what Arti said. She’s shivers. Sarab says are you okay? Meher says everything is equal between wife and husband. HE says yes. Meher says if there’s a problem can husband hit his wife? Sarab says never. Meher says she’s beaten everyt day. Her husband beats her. Sarab says who is she? We don’t know her. Meher says we know her husband. His name is Tarkash. Sarab is shocked. Meher says his wife was Arti. She told me how he beats her. Arti needs her. She’s in pain. Her life is in danger. Get Tarkash arrested. Sarab says I have known him for years. He can never do that. He doesn’t even fight. Tarkash comes and says I am going home. Sarab says sure. Meher says this is all a drama. He is a beast. SArab says I don’t believe that.

Scene 2
Arti’s daughter dances. She says don’t dacnce. Your dad is coming. Hide this anklet. She says I will hear the car and hide it. Tarkash claps and saus this happens behind me? Wanna dance? Very clecer now. Arti says no she wasn’t.. She asks the girl to go in.

Meher says he even beats his daughter now. Sarab says every coin has two sides. It was a love marriage Tarkash loves her. Meher says he keeps her detained. Sarab says she doesn’t like going out. It’s impossible.

Tarkash grasps Arti’s hand and beats her. The baby says please don’t do this. Meher says ask Tarkash. Sarab says insult him without a proof? How can I let go of his loyalty? Tarkash beats arti. The baby cries. Meher says you’re not gettnig what I am saying. Sarab says even if there’s a problem it’s there family problem. He doesn’t beat her. Meher says I will get you proofs. Tarkash beats his wife. The girl cries.

Param and Karan leave with Jagga. Ginni says all three of us should have gotten the necklace. Kulwant says get me a hammer. I will break it. Ginni says yes. Kulwant says shut up. This is Rani neckalce. She says to Amrita you became a snake and sat on this necklace. I thought you would give it to me once Meher leaves. I will count till 3. Amrita gives it to her. Kulwant says if you tell Meher I will tell Jagga you stole my chain and gave it to your mom. Amrita says you gave it to me. Kulwant says yes you. Not your family.

Scene 3
Tarkash beats arti with the ghungro and says this scar will remind you never to use them in this house. Only I rule here. MEher comes outside. Everyone is scared. Tarkash asks them to go inside. MEher comes in and sees ghungro broken. HE says my daughter broke it. The girl comes out. Tarkash says go do your home work. Meher says why is there blood on your hands? He says I was working with a hammer. Meher says can I get water? Tarkash gives her water. Meher meets the girl and says where is your mom? He says she went to market. Meher says half glass water? You look in a hurry. He says I will make tea. Meher says let me use restroom. She recalls the girl showed her where her mom is.

Meher comes to the room. SArab says I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. I thought about it, anyone who hits his wife should be punished. Sarab says once a man hit a girl in our office and Tarkash fired him immediately. Meher says I will talk to you when I am home. Sarab says where are you? She says at tarkash’s place. Sarab says what? How can you spy at somoene’s place? You could tell me. MEher says someone’s life is going and you care why am I here? Sarab says no on is dying.


Choti Sardarni 2nd January 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Meher says to Tarkash how dare you hit your wife. Sarab says how can you talk to Tarkash like that? Meher shows him Arti and her bruises face. Meher says now you believe? She slaps Tarkash.

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