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Choti Sardarni 2nd January 2020 Episode Start With Meher says I am impressed. You must be tired. He says no problem. I have stopped caring for myself because a woman cares for me.

Jitto is crying. she says my hair. Bitu says to Amrita Yuvi did this because you weren’t taking him to the movie. Amrita says Yuvi can never do this. He really loves Jitto. I don’t think he did this. Bitu says then who did this? She did it herself. Amrita says this is how you will talk to me? Bitu says she is my wife. Won’t you do the same if my child does this in the future? Kulwant says to divide and rule. Bitu says don’t worry Jitto. She says nothing would happen now. Amrita says let me talk to Meher. once her friend has gum in her hair as well. Kulwant says who did this? Amrita calls Meher and asks her how did you remove gum from your friend’s hair? Meher says ice her hair for five minutes and comb slowly. Meher says I will talk to you later.

They come upstairs. Meher says we should keep the windows big. So it has a good view. The architect says Meher ma’am has a good idea. Harleen says I have an idea too. Why shouldn’t I fire you? Harleen walks in anger. She is about to slip. Sarab holds her hand. He falls himself. Meher and Harleen scream. Sarab holds a pipe. Harleen is crying. Meher says Sarab.. Stay there. I will do something. Meher runs downstairs to that floor. Meher says give me your hand. Meher gives him her dupatta. She says hold it. Harleen gives her dupatta as well. Meher ties it and gives it to Sarab. Sarab holds it. Meher pulls him. Harleen pulls it too. They pull Sarab up. Meher holds his hand. Harleen hugs him and cries. Harleen and Meher both hug him. Sarab says you both saved me. He hugs them.

Scene 2
Rovi sees Meher’s pregnancy file in Harleen’s closet. He says why is it with Harleen? Did she call her doctor?
Dolly asks Param did your mom and Harleen fight? Param says good boys don’t fight. Let me skate. Dolly says he doesn’t tell anything. Rovi sees the file and says everything is correct in it.

Bitu asks Yuvi why did you put gum in Jitto’s hair. Yuvi says I didn’t do anything. Bitu hits him with a bat. Jitto says don’t hit him. Amrita says stop it. Yuvi says I didn’t do it. Amrita says stop hitting him. Bitu says I will hit you more. Bitu says don’t interfere I will or I will forget who you are? Jagga comes and says what would you do? Hit your bhabhi too. Yuvi is saying he didn’t do anything. Leave my son’s hand. Bitu says wow your son can do what he wants. Bitu if my child did this you would do the same. Amrita says shut up. Bitu says you shut up. Jagga says she is your bhabhi. Jagga says and Jitto is my wife.

Rovi sees the date. He says Meher is pregnant since three months? And the wedding happened a couple of months ago.

Scene 3
Sarab gives Meher and Harleen painkillers. Dolly says how are they injured? Sarab says they saved me. Param says Meher mama, what happened to you? Meher says nothing. Harleen says Sarab, she takes off black eyes from him. He says you’re from Havard. Harleen says these are our mom’s teachings. Param says what happened to mama? Harleen says ask how many spices are these? Meher says seven. Harleen says you’ve seven hours as well.

Meher is trying to braid her hair. Sarab does it for her. He says you aren’t shy. Ask me for help. Like I do. He says let’s promise, we will always be with each other to help.

Choti Sardarni 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Sarab wakes up. Meher isn’t home. She comes to the hospital. Sarab looks for her.

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Telecast Date: 2nd January 2020
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