Choti Sardarni 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni Written Update

Choti Sardarni 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Choti Sardarni Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 2nd December 2019 Episode Start With The fire alarms blare. The goons come in Meher’s room. She hits them on the head and picks the gun. She says hands up or I will shoot you. One of them laughs and says shoot me, Meher shoots him in the leg. She runs.

Param comes to meet Param. Police take him back. Param cries and says don’t take my papa. He wakes up. Harleen says your papa will come back soon. Param says everyone is saying papa killed Meher mama. Harleen says your papa can never do that. We will find your mom soon as well. Yuvi calls Param. Yuvi says like your dad killed my bua, I will kill you as well. Param gets scared. Harleen says what are you saying. Amrita says shut up Yuvi. Param cries. Amrita says I am really sorry. Yuvi was really close to Meher. I will say sorry to Param. Harleen says I will call you layer. Param cries and prays. He says please send my mama and papa back to me. My mama is fine. I can’t live without them. Harleen hugs him. Harleen says your mama will come back.

Policemen hit Sarab. They ask why did you kill your wife? Why did you do this? Sarab recalls his promise. Inspector says lock him up, I will see how long does he stay quiet. Sarab is badly injured. Constable says we can’t hit him so much. Inspector says we have orders to hit him. Constable wondes who is so against Sarab.
The goon calls the woman and says Meher ran. She says to find her or I will kill you all. He says I wil find her. She says Meher shouldn’t get out of Serbia alive. Sarab, neither you would leave nor your Meher.

Scene 2
Harleen does a press conference. She says Sarab didn’t kill Meher. Reporter says who would preside Punjab Dal? Harleen says his crime isn’t proved. He didn’t kill Meher. Kulwant comes and says Sarab killed my daughter. Here is the mail that he sent to tarkash. Guards come towards Kulwant. Rana says I will kill anyone who touches my mom. Kulwant gets on stage. She throws petrol on Sarab’s photo and burns it. Jagga says what are you doing mummy ji. Dolly says are you mad? Tarkash says to Bitu get out of here. Kulwant says Harleen, remove Sarab from this party. Tarkash says we are all with him. Kulwant says my daughter has died. I will kill myself by burning here if you don’t remove him as president. Harleen says I resign on Sarab’s behalf. Harleen says I will never forget this. We are tiring to find your daughter and you did this. Kulwant says where is she then? Harleen says Sarab purchased a house there. He bought it from an estate agent. They found Meher’s stuff in that house. The investigation is going on and I will find proof of his innocence but I will never forget your behavior. Kulwant wonders what is going on.

Scene 3
Meher comes on the road. She says I have to call India. I don’t even have money. I have to get deported to India. Meher sees a kid and recalls she made Param learn the number through a poem. Meher recalls the number. She says where would I get money from?
Param gives parsad to everyone. He says please pray that I get my parents back. Meher asks people for their phones. No one helps her. Meher runs on a road. Param gives parsad to everyone. Meher hears a woman speak Punjabi. Meher says I need help. I lost everything. Can you let me call from your phone? She says no, I can’t give my phone. I just got my visa, I don’t want to be reported. Meher sees the goons.

Choti Sardarni 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Meher calls home and says I am Meher, I am alive. Rovi picks up from the other side.


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