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Choti Sardarni 29th October 2020 Kulwant says what proof do you have? sarab says police will find proof you are a suspect and suspects go to jail. Kulwant says shoot me then. Rana and Bitu say we will also do this drama. Meher says enough of this drama. Kulwant says think about Param and Karan. People will say their relatives are in jail. Sarab says they will be proud of us. Kulwant says no they will be embarrassed. Sarab coughs. Meher takes Kulwant out and says stop this drama. You know Sarab isn’t well. Kulwant says you’re doing drama. You know Manav is alive. What murder? Should I ask Sarab if his wife told him that? And her ex-lover is alive? I know he loves you. I am your mom, I won’t ruin you family. Meher says you attempted to murder. He had to suffer so much. Sarab and I will never forgive you. Kulwant says if I didn’t stab him you would have not been here, you would be working in a dhaba. Meher says enough. Law will handle you. Kulwant says I will handle you. No one will be able to understand.

Police arrest Kulwant Bitu and Rana. Kulwant says Manav will get me out himself. I did breakfast at home and I will have dinner at home. Meher says to Sarab they are arrested. sarab says I gave you my word. I can give my life for my word. Mehre says don’t risk your life. He says I can do anything for you.

Scene 2
Manav looks at Surya’s picture and recalls him asking never to tell his mom. Aditi comes there crying. She says I can’t believe dad left us. I had a father for such a small time. But why did he go to the hospital? Manav says don’t think too much. Aditi says I know you loved dad a lot. I want to be with you and be your strength. I don’t want you to feel lonely. He leaves her hand and picks the saree Seema gave to Aditi.

Manav gives it to Aditi. Seema comes there. Seema says you should do karwa chauth Aditi. For my son. I know you both are my everything. Seema says I will live for both of you. You are my world. They hug her.

Scene 3
Inspector asks Kulwant to leave her stuff there. A thug says what did you do sarpanji ji? She says your dad’s murder. Kulwant says let me make a call. Kulwant says call Vikram Dewan and ask him you did a mistake. He will not leave you people. Call him and tell him you arrested Kulwant. Inspector calls Vikram. Inspector calls Manav. He says Kulwant Kaur is arrested. She asked me to call you. Manav says tell her that my phone is unreachable. Inspector says his phone is out of reach. Kulwant is shocked. Bitu and Rana say what will happen now? The inspector locks them.

Seema and aditi video call Meher and Sarab. Seema says did you find out who shot Sarab? Was it someone known? Sarab says we haven’t found out yet. Mr. Surya was a great man. It’s such a big loss. Manav hears yet. Sarab says to Meher she looked so uspet. You should go and meet them. Meher says the man who did this to you, you were praising him? Sarab says I lied but we have to live with it. This secret will stay between you me and Vikram. I don’t know why did that. But it will remain a secret. If it comes out a lot of relationships would be ruined. My sister Guddi her life would be ruined. I want you to go there and meet them.


Choti Sardarni 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Manav asks Kulwant are you in jail? She says yes if I open my mouth your DNA test will be done.

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