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Choti Sardarni 29th June 2021 The kids enjoy the pool. Daar ji Meher Sarab and Karan come home. Seher and Param are playing in the pool. Karan looks at them. Seher says it’s so much fun. Param says yes. Seher says let’s jump again. Param feels bad. They jump and enjoy in the water. Karan goes back. Seher says he isn’t even looking at us. PAram says I thought he would join us. Let’s keep making noise. They make noise and enjoy. Karan looks back. Seher says Karan can’t join and enjoy. Karan says I can enjoy better than both of you. I can jump better. Seher says show me then? He says let me show you. Karan stands to jump. Meher says thank God. Karan jumps in the water. Seher says no one could jump like that. They splash water on him. Karan shouts don’t. He laughs and splashes water on them again. They all laugh and play together. Daar ji says see, how they cheered him up. This is your upbringing. All kids play together. Meher says this happiness can be temporary for Kara. Sarab says don’t worry. We will do his therapy sessions. Daar ji would understand.

The kids are playing in the water. Seher plays music. Param says let’s jump together. Someone comes there and leaves a wire.. Param says close your eyes and.. Karan sees the woman. She holds the wire. Param says let’s jump.. She drops the wire in the water. There’s current in the water. Param jumps.. Karan shouts Veer ji.. He tries to hold him. Param jumps and screams. He gets a very bad shock. Meher and Sarab are shocked. Meher removes the wire. Seher screams. Param has fainted. Meher cries. Sarab and Karan cry. Sarab says open your eyes. He hugs Param.

Scene 2
Sarab shouts who did this disgusting act? Tell me. Meher hugs Param. Harleen asks what happened? Dolly and Tai ji come too. Sarab says someone left a wire in the pool. Param got such a bad shock. Harleen hugs him and says are you okay? Tai ji comes in the same dress. Karan recalls the same dress. Sarab shouts at the servants and asks them who did it. Sarab says you won’t tell easily. Karan says I know who did it. Sarab is shocked. Sarab says tell me who did it? Tell me. Karan points at Tai ji. Everyone is shocked. Karan says I saw her. She threw the cable in the pool. Everyone is shocked. Tai ji says you saw me? You liar. No one can save you from me today. She drags Karan.. Meher says Tai ji leave Karan. Meher and Sarab run after her. Karan cries.

Tai ji shoved him in the room and locks the door. Meher and Sarab knock at the scream. Tai ji says you are accusing me? Did I put the wire? I will kick you out of this house. Sarab shouts Tai ji open the door. Tai ji packs his bag. She says you proved that you are someone else’s blood. You have dirty blood. Sarab screams and says if you say a single more word I will forget who is elder. Open the door. Tai ji says neither this house nor anyone here is yours. She drags him.

Scene 3
Sarab breaks the door and hugs Karan. He says how dare you Tai ji say all this to my Karan.. Tai ji is about to slap him but stops. Tai ji says this kid accused me and you are blaming me? Did I try to kill the kids? And you believed it? Sarab says Tai ji he’s a kid. He said he saw you. She says did someone else see me? Tell me. No one else was there? Why? Karan cries. Tai ji says weren’t Param and Seher there? Why did he only see me? She cries and says you thought I can kill your kids? Your wife’s son is lying. He’s crazy. Meher says Tai ji pelase.. Tai ji says hut up. Not a single word. Tai ji says his mind is full of poison. He ruined your photo and now this. He hates you, me, and all of us. He must have left the wire there. He must have shoved Param, so he gets the shock. He’s jealous of Param.

Karan says no. I didn’t leave the wire or shoved Param Veer ji. I never lie. Meher says Karan can never do that and he never lies. Tai ji says so am I lying? Sarab says but Karan is also saying the truth. Someone is lying. There is someone. Daar ji and shouts Sarab.. Amrit Kaur isn’t lying. She was with me in my room since morning. She didn’t even leave. Amrit cries. Daar ji says she had been with me since we came back. Meher and Sarab are confused. He says she only stepped out when you all started shouting. No one dares to accuse her or try to prove her a liar. Sarab says Daar ji, I know you never lie. If you are saying she was with you in the room then why is Karan saying that? Daar ji says you should think about it. Tai ji leaves crying. Sarab and Meher stand in shock.


Choti Sardarni 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulwant says to Karan, there is only one way now. You should run from home tonight. Karan leaves the house with Gita. Meher looks for Karan everywhere. Sarab asks what happened? Meher says Karan is nowhere.

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Telecast Date:29th June 2021
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