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Choti Sardarni 28th December 2019 Written Episode , Choti Sardarni Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 28th December 2019 Episode Start With Meher says Tarkah everything should be divided in this house. Every button. Dolly says are you out of your mind? Harleen says she looks experienced. Rovi says don’t worry Harleen. Dolly says shut up. You’re a robber, if you earned Harleen won’t have asked for her right. Dolly says I said it in anger. Also, in family wealth girls don’t have a right. Sarab says no we are equal. She deserves everything.

Kulwant says everything is being divided in that house. Dolly says Meher asked everyone to divide everything. Kulwant says did you read the papers? Bitu and Jagga come and say yes we have signed it. Kulwant says I knew their wives will divide this house. She reads the paper, it says we will never let this house divide. Kulwant hugs them. Jagga and Bitu say our wives made us write. Kulwant says I was just testing. Where is Rana? Longlive. You have all passed this test.

Rovi says to Dolly I was calculating the value to everything in the house. DOlly says you and Meher are getting everything. Meher is so selfish too. Param comes and says why all this? Dolly says some people are coming to meet your dad. Param says what is all this? Sweeti says your parents are dividng the house. You have to be stong. Everything will be sold including your toys. Param cries.

Param comes to Meer and cries. Meher says don’t worry papa will get you new toys. Param says I only want this room and these toys. Param says Harleen bua got me new toys. Please don’t take my toys. Meher says big boy will get a big boy. Harleen says keep Param out of it. No one will touch his toys. Meher says everything would be divided. Param hugs Harleen and says please stop mama. they take photos. Param says please stop them bua.

The servants say their father must be so upset. Meher says don’t worry Sarab. We will get new things. SArab says they have emotions related to them. Harleen says this Meher must be so happy. Meher hosts the auction. She sells small things first. Meher says this furniture set that Sarab’s father gifted to his wife. Someone bid 20 lacs, then 25 lacs. Meher says there are so many memories associated with this bed. A man says 30 lacs. Meher says it’s sold for 30 lacs.

Meher says this special nolakha necklace. People start bidding for it. Harleen and Sarab are in tears. Meher keeps selling. Harleen stands up and says stop all this. This auction won’t happen. Sarab says these might be things for you but for me these are my mom dad’s memories and they’re priceless. I was crazy that I decided to auction.

Choti Sardarni 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Harleen says to Sarab we will take our part tonight and leave forever.

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Telecast Date: 28th December 2019
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