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Choti Sardarni 28th August 2021 Seher makes Rajveer eat kheer with her hand and is tensed. Suddenly Rajveer starts coughing and says it’s spicy. All rush to him. Rajveer leaves from there. Mausi asks Dimpy who put so much spice in the food? The guy had to leave before Seher could finish her promise. Seher looks on. Param asks Seher to go and check on Raj, she nods and goes. Param tells Mausi that it’s not a big deal, Seher and Raj love each other. Karan says their chemistry is solid, last night they were together having coffee.

Seher comes to Raj’s room and looks around for him. Raj comes behind her and scares her. He laughs at her scared face. He says I knew you couldn’t say all those promises to me so I had to do that acting. Don’t worry, I will tell everyone that you said those promises to me in the room. I won’t force you for anything that you don’t want to. Sehar smiles at him.
Dida tells Mausi that they love each other and would get married in a heartbeat. Dida says that’s great. There is good window this week to get married. We will get them married in 4 days now. All look on. Karan says we should talk to Seher.
Raj tells Seher that this is your father’s dream, he gave it to you for your life partner. He gives the box back to her. Seher hugs him and says I don’t think how I will pay your debt. Raj says there is no debt between friends. Seher says I just hope Kunal is found soon. Raj says we will find him soon. Tricky comes there and says they will get married in 4 days. Seher is stunned. Raj looks on.

Mausi tells the family they will get married in 4 days. Seher comes there and says no.. all look on. Raj recalls how Seher told him that he has done enough for her. Mausi says what did you say? Raj says I mean she has to do so many things before marriage, she has some dreams to fulfill. We shouldn’t think about marriage for a month. Mausi angrily leaves. Seher starts leaving but Dida tells Karan-Param that I have to talk about the case. She sees Seher hiding behind the pillar. She tells Param that they are being summoned to the court. Seher is worried hearing that. Dida tells Param that I am trying to fulfill my promise but don’t forget your promise. I know you love your sister and I respect that but my Mausi’s words are important to me. I can never say no to her. She is an elder and Seher did wrong by saying no to her. She has brought shame to me. Param says we can’t say a word against Seher, she won’t get married till she doesn’t want. Seher hears all that and leaves.

Raj tells Mausi that I need time before marriage also. Seher comes there and says I am sorry, we will not go against your decision. We will get married in 4 days only. Raj looks on. Mausi gets happy and blesses them. She says I am happy to hear that. She leaves from there.

Mausi comes to Dida, Param and Karan. She says Seher has agreed to the marriage.

Raj asks Seher why did you agree? I was trying to convince her. Seher says I am doing all this for my brothers. Raj says then why did you say no before? Seher says for you.. your dreams, for your happiness. I just sees darkness around me. She holds his hand and says I will breakdown so take me out of this mess. Raj says don’t worry, trust God, he will make everything fine.

Scene 2
All family members sit together. Mausi says it’s decided, they will get married in 4 days only. Param whispers to Seher that if you need time then take that, you are not under any pressure? Seher shakes her head and hugs them. Badi Bi thinks this is Mehar-Sarab’s upbringing, 3 of them are thinking about each other. Raj gets Nikhil’s message that he found the car. He shows it to Seher. Raj tells the family that they are going to Gurudwara.

Raj and Seher are in the car. She asks if he knows anything? Raj says no, Nikhil just asked me to come here. They see Nikhil standing on the side of a road with a messed up car. Seher looks at the number plate and recalls Kunal had sat in the same car. Seher asks Nikhil if he knows more information? Nikhil says I just got to know that this car was in an accident and 2 people died. Seher shouts and asks where is Kunal? This can’t be true. She looks around the car and cries.. she says Kunal was in the car at the time of the accident. Raj tries to calm her. Nikhil calls Dida and tells her that I have showed the car to Seher. Dida asks how is she? He says she is crying badly. Dida says she can cry for Kunal so my Raj can wipe them and fill her eyes with happiness. Nikhil says they won’t find any proof as the car has been burned down. Seher finds a burned paper in the car.


Choti Sardarni 10th April 2021Written Episode Update Precap : Seher and Raj pray in Gurudwara. Raj prays to keep Seher happy always. Raj finds the burned papers with Seher and says my friend can help us understand what was written on this paper using chemical.

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