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Choti Sardarni 27th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Param says if anyone cared they’d have come to meet me. Kulwant says what are you saying? You are my life. You know how the situation was. Harleen says they only care about Karan. He’s their blood. Kulwant says he was in hospital. Harleen says Param was also in jail but none of you cared. You are dancing and celebrating here. This house isn’t an orphanage for everyone. Seher says this house’s son and son in law came from hospital. Can’t we celebrate. Harleen says you’re talking like Meher. Seher says yes and the same Meher won’t let you break this house and family. Param says mind your language. She’s our aunt. Seher says I respect her. I know she’s doing it because she cares about this family’s legacy and it’s responsibility of three of us. Harleen says two not three. How many times do I have to tell you that only you two are Gill blood. Seher says you’re talking about this family’s blood right?

Seher brings a knife and cuts her hand. Everyone screams. Rajveer says what are you doing. Seher’s blood drups. Seher cuts Param and Karan’s hands too. She mixes their blood. Seher says can you tell which blood is whose? Can you differenciate between our bloods? No right? Because they are combined. In fact, our blood is the same. We are all like a closed hand. That’s what our mom taught us. She holsd their hands. Param and Karan look away in tears. Seher says this hand will be closed till our last breath. we will always be together under this roof. Always. Param takes his hand away. Seher is shocked. Param looks at Harleen.

Kulwant says to Param your hand is bleeding. Seher says Karan dress his cut. Harleen says don’t do this drama. These things look good in movies. Stand with your brother. Only your family is yours not outsiders. My Param is restarting Punjab Dal. Tomorrow is the inauguration. Kulwant says what? It was my Sarab’s party. This party is of three of them. Karan and Param will stand for it together. Karan will also come to the inauguration. Param says sure nani. Karan can come, he’s my brother after all. How can this inauguration happen without him. Param says to Seher and Rajveer sorry I couldn’t come to the hospital to see you. How could I, I was in jail. Harleen says he was sent there with false accusations. Param says I’ve understood it now. He leaves. Rajveer says let me go to change. He goes upstairs. Rajveer says in heart tomorrow is the best day to leave this house.

Scene 2
Seher says to Kulwant Param sounded different. Kulwant says he’s just upset. He will be fine. We will all talk to him. Tomorrow is a big day, media will take photos of all three of you together. Karan says I won’t go to any inauguration. I don’t care. Seher says we are one family. It’s a big day for us. Karan says if there’s anything this that goes wrong tomorrow I won’t be able to control myself.

Scene 3
Harleen says to Param how can you let Karan come to the inauguration? He says I’ve something in mind. You will know on time.

Seher brings milk for Rajeer. Rajveer says I am sorry about what happened. Seher says what’s gone is gone. Have this milk it will make you feel better. Rajveer says you talk so much. Rajveer says everything will be fine. Seher says if we are together we can fix everything. Rajveer makes her drink first and then drinks himself. They smile at each other. the song tu fikar naa karya kar plays. Kulwant calls Seher downstairs.

Kulwant says sit here. She sees her wounded hands and feet. Rajveer looks his room. Rajveer says in heart we can’t be together for a lifetime. He sees his glasses and stick. Rajveer says I’ve to learn to live on my own. I have to get used to the darkness. He practices walking around with the stick without seeing. He falls. Someone comes in. Rajveer is shocked. Kulwant says I know you are worried for Raj but take care of yourself too. Women are like that. But take care of yourself. Seher says when Rajveer was in hospital something weird happened.

The kids come in Rajveer’s room. They say you were dancing on kala chashma? Let’s dance. Seher says Rajveer couldn’t see for a few minutes. Doctor said it happens after accidents. The kids dance with Rajveer. They ask him to catch the ball but he can’t see. Seher says I am very worried. What if Raj has a serious problem? Kulwant says he will be fine. Take care of him. Rajveer says has my sight gone completely?

Precap-Seher says to Param and Karan will we stay together like a family? Karan says no problem from my side. Param says me too. They hug each other. HArleen says do as much drama as you want but my plan would work.


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