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Choti Sardarni 25th October 2020 The doctor says to nurse go and find in other blood banks. Meher says there was only one. He says Sarab can go in a coma. Meher tries to recall who has AB- in their family. She says Harleen has fainted herself. Nurse says Aditi madam told me her husband is AB+. Meher tries calling Manav his phone is busy.

Manav calls his officers to house arrest all the suspects. His phone’s battery died. Amrita says they are all on the investigation. Meher runs out to find Manav. The doctor says Sarab’s pulse is dropping. Meher runs out. Manav sees her. Meher holds her hand. Meher says your blood group is AB-. He doesn’t have time. Please. What are you thinking? Please. Manav, please. Meher cries and says Sarab doesn’t have time. Manav takes his hand back. He says that man took my love, I will give him my blood now? Meher cries and says please. He says remember how much I bled when you mom stabbed me. Meher says I beg you, please. He doesn’t have time. I will give you my whole world. Meher cries. Meher says please save his life. If anythign happens to him, I will die as well. He says I thought Manav has Rab’s Meher. He says let’s shed love once again today. But just for your love. Manav walks towards the blood bank.

Scene 2
Karan cries.. Param says don’t cry. Your big B is with you. He says baba ji if my papa doesn’t heal I will never talk to you. Mama says you bless good people. Then why are you not healing my papa? Please heal him.

Meher prays in the hospital. Amrita looks at him. Manav gives his blood to Sarab. Manav recalls Meher crying and begging to save Sarab’s life. Manav comes out. He looks at Meher praying. Sarab’s pulse is dropping. Manav looks the other way. Amrita shouts happily Meher.. Vikram looks in and smiles. The doctor says Meher ji, Mr. Gill is now stable. Let’s hope he gets conscious soon. Meher looks inside and cries. The nurse asks Amrita to come with her.

Manav is leaving. Meher stops him. Meher says thank you. Thank you so much. I owe you for life. You saved Sarab’s life. I can do anything for you in return. He smiles and says now you look like politician’s wife. You have colored yourself in his color. What can you do for me? These are things to say only. Meher says this is not to say only. You can test. You saved my God’s life. I promise I will do what you ask. Meher says wow. You test like destiny, first, you hurt then heal.

He says you should rest. The forensic report will be here in a few minutes. Kaushal comes and says the gun has 4 people’s fingerprints on it. Manav looks at the report. One of them shot Sarab. Meher recalls everyone. Meher says continue your investigation. I want to know who shot Sarab. Manav says I also want to know. I will find out tonight who shot Sarab. That’s my promise. He leaves.

Scene 3
Manav comes to Kulwant’s house. Bitu and Rana open the door. Rana says what do you want now? He says the report has fingerprints of both of you. He shoves them and says be a human. You have 2 minutes, behave as I like or I will drag you both to jail. Bitu says we didn’t do anything. Kulwant says who is it? Manav comes in and says your trouble. Kulwant says yes what? Manav says drink your water. It’s okay. He asks BItu and Rana to become rooster. Kulwant says you’re in Kulwant Kaur lioness’ house. He says I am Vikram Dewan. Forensic has 4 people’s fingerprints. Two roosters and one lioness.

Manav eats Kulwant’s parathas. He says very tasty. Did you make them? We have a lot of things to talk about. Manav asks Bitu and Rana why did you shoot Sarab? Bitu says we didn’t shoot. Rana says we just picked it. Vikram says why? Rana said Sarab wanted to get us arrested. They discussed getting out of the problem. Bitu and Rana decided to run away. They picked the gun to protect themselves and keep it with them. But someone came so they put it back Rana says we swear on mummy ji we put it back. Manav says they are really interested in killing you.

Scene 4
Param massages Harleen’s head. She opens eyes. Robbie and Jeeto come in. Param says let me tell papa you’re better. Harleen says where is Sarab? She cries and says I want to meet Sarab. Sarab runs out. Jeeto says Sarab is not conscious. The bullet is out of his body but he isn’t conscious. Harleen says I only want to go there. Let’s go Robbie. Robbie says Vikram has a house arrested me. He is doing a big game. He put my name in the suspects. Harleen cries and says take me to the hospital. Manav says why did you touch the gun Kulwant? She says to shoot. She says my own SIL wanted to send me to jail. My mind wasn’t working. I thought better than living in jail I should kill myself. I picked the gun to shoot myself. To do suicide. Vikram says you three are great actors. Amazing work. It reminds me of last year. You remember right? How you called me here with all your love. Then stabbed me in the back. Everyone is shocked. Manav says backstabbers can never be trusted. One of you shot. Once Sarab is conscious, we will know the name of the murderer as well.


Choti Sardarni 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :The nurse calls Manav and says entire hospital has faintd. Manav runs to the hospital. He tries to break Sarab’s door.

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