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Choti Sardarni 25th March 2021 episode starts with Param asking Kulwant to take selfies. Param asks Sandhya to take selfies as well but she denies it as she has covered her face due Rajan’s presence. Param distracts Rajan and tells Sarab that Sandhya is scared of Police. Sandhya is thinking to escape while Kulwant asks him where is she going. Kulwant asks her if Rajan is anyhow related to her. She says that she can say that she and Rajan are related somehow. Sandhya takes a pause while Sarab enters the room. Kulwant apologizes to him again and says that I realize my mistakes and appreciate you for coming to our house. Kulwant tries to ask him to stay for langar but he leaves. Kulwant says that if you ever need any help then you can come to me.

The kids are playing at Gill mansion when Sandhya asks them to sleep as it is bedtime. Seher asks her to tell them a story so that they can sleep well. Sarab confirms with Mehta if the location of the call is traced. Harleen tells Sarab that Sandhya is controlling kids as they listen to her more than me. Sarab goes to their room where Sandhya is telling them her story. She says that chunky was a fun-loving girl. She met Mauji, she fell in love with her and got married. Some wolves tried to kill Chunky and Mauji, they tried to escape. A fairy arrived to help Chunky and Mauji. She somehow managed to save Chunky but the wolves got Mauji. Seher asks then what, Sarab enters and says then a policeman came and chunky got scared. He asks if he is right. The kids went to sleep but Sarab continues with his question and asks Sandhya with all due respect that he cannot wait anymore. He knows that she is scared of the police but he also knows that only thieves are scared of Police. He gives her final two days to talk to him.

Sandhya thinks that if she was not bound by the promise she gave Meher then she would have told him everything. She decides to tell everything to Sarab. Sarab does a background check on Sandhya but finds her innocent. He is desperately waiting for Meher’s location to be traced.

The Police arrive at Kulwant’s house and ask her to talk to the villagers as they listen to her. Sandhya also arrives at her house and tries to talk to her. She gets scared after seeing the Police and tries to walk away. Kulwant asks her to stay. The Police insist Kulwant to come quickly with them as there has been a brawl between two villages.

Sandhya’s mother finds out that Meher has escaped. She is scared for her as Prataps’s men are at every corner of the village. She tells Pratap to stay out of her room as she is going through her periods.

Kids go to Sandhya’s room to wake her up but find her missing. They go to inform Sarab who has just received Meher’s location. they tell him the location of her last call, which govindpur. Sarab informs the kids that he will have to leave. Kids tell him that Sandhya is missing.

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Telecast Date:25th March 2021
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