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Choti Sardarni 25th December 2021 There is a protest going on in the hospital. Seher says my husband’s condition is critical. Please treat him. I want his life. Please. They want you to help them. Seher says you might get a lot of money after this strike and get your demands fulfilled. But so many people would have to give their lives. You vowed while graduating that you will save lives no matter what.

Doctors are called God. How can God be so cruel. I know you should get what you deserve but you can’t let patients suffer. You can do the strike but some of you should be in emergency ward to help the patients. They say we can’t stop the strik. Rana says I can break your face. Seher says no. She says please I beg you. Please help my husband. He will die. A doctor says I will help you. He goes inside to treat Rajveer.

Everyone prays for Rajveer. Jeeto brings Guru ji. She says he will pray for Rajveer. Guru ji says have faith. It’s all God’s plan. He will be with you. He gives Seher the Holy book. Seher reads it.

Scene 2
Karan says what? Rajveer met an accident? Ginni says Seher is with him. Don’t worry. Karan says no I have to go to Seher. Please take me there. Seher prays for Rajveer outside the OT. The kids pray with Seher. They wipe her tears. The kids say we won’t let him go away. Rajveer’s condition gets worse. Kulwant prays for him too. Karan comes there. The doctor says your husband is out of danger. We are waiting for him to be conscious. Karan hugs Seher. Seher says how are you? I am really sorry. Rajveer called Harleen. I am sure there’s a reason and there’s something that we don’t know. Param didn’t invite Harleen. Please forgive him and sort it.

Scene 3
Bitu shows the video to inspector. He says now you know Param didn’t do anything? He says okay you can take him but do the paper work. He goes on the other side. Harleen says I am with him. Can I meet Param? He hasn’t eaten anything. Harleen comes to Param. She says I told you I will get you out. No one else came here for you. Let’s go. Bitu is doing the paper work. HArleen takes Param from there meanwhile. Bitu comes to the lockup. Param isn’t there. Inspector says Harleen took him.

Param comes home. He asks the maid no one is here? She says Rajveer met and accident. Everyone went there. Param says I have to go. Harleen stops him. She says you don’t need to go there. You forgot your promise again? Param says she needs me. HArleen says she has people with her. Her family you think about Gill family and Gill legacy. Param says nothing is more important than my sister. NO one can stop me. I have to go to Seher.

Scene 4
Seher comes to Rajveer. She prays for him. Seher holds his hand and cries. Karan looks at Rajveer. Karan says Seher is right. There’s some reason behind all you’re doing. I remember how you took me to hospital and prayed for me. You are not what you’re pretending. You are a pious man. Don’t ever leave my sister alone.

Kulwant says Seher is trying to reunite her brothers and Harleen is trying to break their bond. Param would listen to HArleen. SHe will poison his mind. He doesn’t care about us. He has changed since his bua came here. Param hears all this. Kulwant says I thought he’s wise and he would understand things. He dancing around his bua. He should’ve come here from jail. Param doesn’t care about Seher. So he better stay with Harleen. We don’t need him either. Param leaves.

Seher says Raj, please talk to me. Fight with me. Seher says Raj.. it’s me. Please get up. He moves. Seher says let me call the doctor. She goes out. Rajveer sits down. He looks around. Rajveer says I’ve to go before Seher comes. He walks. He can’t see properly. Seher says you broke the glass. He says I.. Seher cleans the glass. Seher says what happened? Bed is there. She says yes. Rajveer tries to look around. Seher says you can’t see? She’s shocked.


Choti Sardarni 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher says Rajveer? Can you see? look at me. Rajveer says Seher.. Seher says sit here. She calls the doctor. She says Rajveer can’t see. They check him.

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