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Choti Sardarni 24th May 2022 Episode starts with Zoravar asking Dolly about the decoration. Dolly says it is very nice. Zoravar sees Akhil explaining to the workers about the machines and thinks finally I have fulfilled Mamma’s dream. Scarlet asks Zoravar to open the champagne. Kulwant comes there riding on the horse.

Dolly asks why did she make an entry as the dacoit and asks did you see any action film. Kulwant laughs and says it seems your grand son has forgotten me, so I came to remind who I am. She says I troubled Rajjo a bit for this. Zoravar asks Kulwant to give her hand, so that he can help her to get down.

Kulwant gets down the horse on her own. She asks why he want the ladies to work in his factory, and says you don’t like my grand daughter helping them and got the order cancelled. Zoravar says I needed the workers and they want work. Kulwant asks him not to think wrong about what she is going to do. She asks him to see that they are very sad, since they came to know that they have to work on machine.

He says you can give them money, but not happiness and peace. She asks why did he open the factory in Atari. Dolly says your grand daughter hinder his work in Dalhousie, and asks what wrong did Zoravar do? Kulwant says he is fooling the workers. They argue. Dolly says you are ex sarpanch. Kulwant says the workers still respects her as she is A 1.

Zoravar asks her not to interfere in his work. Kulwant says I don’t want to talk to you or your grand mother, asks him to go and call his father. He gets angry and says enough. He says I respect you, as you are elder and badi mamma’s relative, but that doesn’t mean that you can do or say anything. He says I am just doing my work and will not stop with anyone sayings. Mannat reaches there and hears them.

He says my work is everything to me, today is important day for me and I don’t want any kind of disturbance. He asks Kulwant to leave from there. The people argue that he is very arrogant and is having pride due to money. Kulwant says you are doing this infront of my people. Dolly asks someone to bring food and make ex Sarpanch have it. She says you are famous to show enmity, but we fulfill the relations.

Zoravar says so you will not go. He throws the champagne bottle and walks out. dolly says you have ruined his important day and runs behind him. Mannat thinks to insult Zoravar for bringing tears in her dadi’s eyes. She calls Kiara. Kiara asks what are you doing here. She says you shall not be here.

Mannat says when there is injury, the treatment shall be done at the same time. She says how dare he to insult her Dadi. Kiara says your Dadi has…Mannat says your brother is emotionless and made by Dadi cried. Kiara says enough and says you have said much about him, and says I understand his emotions.

She says you don’t know what happened with him. mannat says she wants to know the reason and asks her to say what happened which made him this way. Kiara says her brother got hatred from his father, his emotions were rammed daily by him, and he used to run away from his emotions. She says Zoravar haven’t talked to papa since 15 years, and he only remembers his hatred and anger.

She asks him not to judge him, and says he regards himself as Mamma’s son, and named this factory on her name. She says it was Mamma’s dream of this factory, which is Zoravar’s dream now. Dolly calls Kiara. Kiara asks her to go. Mannat thinks how can a son stay without talking to his father. She says he couldn’t understand his father. She thinks to insult him.

Dolly asks Zoravar to listen to her and asks him to calm down. She asks him not to make his weakness overpower him and asks him to make himself better. Zoravar asks did I say much to Kulwant aunty? Dolly says she is like Dog’s tail and can’t be better. He says he is thinking the moment after 2 days and says Mamma’s death. Dolly hugs him and says we got you that day, and will remember only good memories.

Mannat reaches home. Karan asks what happened to Nani? Mannat says she will talk to her. She walks and is about to slip stepping on the soapy floor. Bittu holds Mannat and then scolds Jeeto politely. Jeeto throws the bucket and asks did I do it intentionally. Bittu says if I had not come, then she would have got injury.

Jeeto asks if you will fight with me for her. He says yes. Mannat says it is my mistake that I didn’t see and asks them not to fight. Jeeto says you have ruined my house and asks her to go and die somewhere. She pushes mannat. Kulwant holds her. Bittu slaps Jeeto. Jeeto’s mother comes there and shouts Bittu.

Bittu says enough. Jeeto says you have raised hand on me for this girl. Bittu says you have forced me, says I will do as you say, I will become your slave all life, but don’t tell her anything. He says I couldn’t become a good son or husband, but if I couldn’t become a good father and couldn’t protect Gullu and Mannat, then I don’t deserve to live. Jeeto says you are taunting me. She argues and asks him to beat her.

She curses Mannat and says she shall die soon. Karan asks Bittu to calm down. Ginny tries to pacify Jeeto. Kulwant takes Mannat inside. Mannat says your home is breaking due to me, I shouldn’t have come here and asks what was the need to tell you about Zoravar, he had insulted you infront of everyone and made you cry. Kulwant hugs her. Mannat says that Zoravar shouldn’t have insulted you.

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