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Choti Sardarni 24th December 2021 Seher follows Rajveer in her car. She video calls Rajveer but he disconnects it and does rash driving. She calls him again and he picks it. She asks him to stop the car. He asks her to return but she refuses to listen saying that she want to talk to him. He tells her to stop following him otherwise he will harm himself. She pleads him to listen her but he disconnects the call. His eyesight becomes blurry and he struggles to drive properly. He thinks that he is going to die and screams that he loves Seher. He recalls the moments he shared with her. He tells himself that destiny don’t want them to stay together and he hallucinates Seher.

She asks him that how can he leave her when she want to live with him. He tells her that he knows that what is good for her that’s why he took this decision. She tells him that they will die together if they can’t live together then and moves towards his car. He asks her to stop it and he meets with an accident and his car hangs near the cliff and he loses his consciousness. Seher comes there and screams Rajveer’s name. She goes to his car and asks Rajveer that if he is fine. She tells him that nothing will happen to him because she is here with him. She tries to save him.

He regains his consciousness and asks her to leave from there. She tells him that she won’t go anywhere leaving him alone. He pleads her to leave from there because their story ending here. She opposes him. He asks her that why she never listens him. She asks him to not worry because nothing will happen to him. She hurts her leg while bringing stone to stop the car from moving.

She asks him to not move. She notices that he is going to faint and asks him to not sleep and keep talking with her. She enters the car and he asks her that what is she doing. She tells him that she will save him and she takes him out of the car and the car falls in the cliff ( Firse Milunga Main Tumhe Wahi song plays in the background ).

She prays God to save Rajveer. One tempo comes there and she screams for help. Few people gets out of the tempo and helps her and Rajveer. Rajveer gives the mobile to Seher saying that it has the video to prove Param’s innocence and he loses his consciousness again. Seher admits Rajveer in the hospital and tells Kulwant that the latter did wrong by sending Rajveer. She tells her that she is not understanding that why Rajveer want to leave her this badly. She learns about Doctor’s strike.

Episode ends.


Choti Sardarni 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Seher goes to the doctors who are on strike. They are protesting and saying that their wishes should be fulfilled. Seher cries n says, doctor see, my husband has met with an accident, he is bleeding a lot. Please, I badly need your help. The nurse looks at Rajveer and says to the other nurse, hope his wife makes a doctor agree to do his treatment. That side, a doctor tells her, I understand you madam, but we’re very sorry, we can’t help you. She cries badly. Rajveer gets breathless.

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Telecast Date:24th December 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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