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Choti Sardarni 23rd September 2021 Seher says mausi ji I made this juice for you. You will feel better. Ramila breaks it. Mausa ji says she’s upset because of her health. Don’t worry. Rajveer please take Seher. Seher recalls what Badi bi said. Rajveer says don’t worry please. I kmow you’re thinking that everyone considers us an amazing couple.

Ramila says they are fooling you. Can’t you see? They don’t love each other. Rajveer says we will do what we want. We know our truth. Ramila says they don’t even consider each other husband and wife. They are just friends. In a few months they are gonna.. Harshdeep says enough Mausi ji. I respect you. That doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want. Ramila says so I am making it up? You want proof? Listen to this. She plays their voice recording. Harshdeep is shocked. Rajveer says it’s only about 5 to 6 months. We will get divorced after that. Seher says you’re right. We have to act till this case ends. Ramila says to Harshdeep now you know who is plotting what. Harshdeep says Rajveer and Seher you did wrong but you don’t know who I am.

Scene 2
Rajveer says to Seher why aren’t you asleep? She says I will sleep after you vow. He says vow what? Seher says put your hand on heart and say I Rajveer.. I vow I won’t hit my hand on Seher’s nose. I won’t decrease AC temperature. Rajveer says I will. I am very hot. Seher says swear that you won’t snort. He says you do it. She says you do. They both laugh. Rajveer says I swear on my heart, I won’t let any trouble come to you.

Ramila says I told such a big thing to Harshdeep and she didn’t say anything? What is she plotting? She goes to Harshdeep’s room.
Seher says don’t get senti? He says you’re here for a few months only. Seher says will you miss me? Rajveer says in heart I will miss you every moment. He says I won’t. you? Seher is asleep.

Ramila asks maid where is Harshdeep? She says she goes to store room every night. Harshdeep hugs the toy and says I was waiting for the right time to get you in this world. And now Seher and Raj want divorce? Ramila looks for her. Harsdeep says it’s time to remind Rajveer of his promise. To bring my Sonu in this world. Ramila comes to Harshdeep’s room and looks for her. Harsh comes out of the secret room. She says only I know what am I planning. Rajveer now I will do what I didn’t want to.

Scene 3
Seher wakes up. She says what is all this? Why are my legs tied? Rajveer says I hit legs in the night so I tied my legs. She says why did you tie mine? He says I thought your leg is the bed’s side. She says you think bed’s side is my leg? He says it was dark. Seher says are you blind?> She walks and Rajveer falls. Param calls. Seher asks how is everyone? He says everyone is good. Come home at 11, there’s a surprise for you. Seher asks what’s the surprise. Rajveer plays with her hair. Param says you have to come at 11.

Rajveer opens the dupatta from Seher’s leg. She smiles. Seher opens it from his foot. Rajveer smiles.

Scene 4
Seher and Rajveer both say wow aalu parathy. Rajveer says stop copying me. Seher says I had been applying butter on paratha since childhood. Seher says we have been saying same things since morning. Mausa ji says when husband and wife live together and love each other, their habits become the same. If one of them leaves, the other misses them so much. Ramila says why are you saying that? They won’t ever part. When are you giving me the good news. Rajveer says the parathas are so spicy. Ramila says Harsh why are you silent? She says they are adults. One day or other they will give the good news.

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