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Choti Sardarni 23rd June 2021 Dolly says to Tai ji Meher is taking all the credit. Daar ji thinks you’re in the event because of Meher. She says really? She looks at Daar ji talking to her. Tai ji says loudly I don’t want to celebrate this event. Her friends ask what happened? She says I am not well. Let’s meet tomorrow. They stop her and say we won’t let you go. We found you after ages.

Karan cries and says my papa can never say that. I am his son. He is my dad Sarabjit Singh Gill and I am Karanjit Singh Gill. Bitu says if we were lying would he come to save you? Karan says call my mom. Rana says she didn’t pick. We gave the address to Sarab but he said he won’t pay a penny. He said you aren’t his son. What will we do with you now? He says to shoot him. Bitu puts a gun on him. Karan cries and says please don’t kill me. Call my nani. She will give the money. Rana calls Kulwant. Karan tells her number.

Scene 2
Amrit’s friend says today is very special. Since Amrit left no one was able to defeat me in kikli. Let’s see if Amrit can defeat me now. I challenge her today. Let’s see if she’s young. Amrit says are you crazy? Daar ji says show her Amrit. They all cheer for her. Amrit accepts the challenge. She says come on everyone. Meher you come too. Meher says no not me. Daar ji says go, Toshi says are you scared or Tai ji doesn’t want you to play? Or she thinks you might defeat her. Tai ji says no one can defeat me. Come show me.

Scene 3
Kulwant comes with money and says take the money and leave my Karan. Please give me my Karan. Take your money. Karan hugs Kulwant. Karan cries.. He says nani you saved me. Thank you. Papa said he won’t pay them. Bitu and Rana leave. Kulwant says your nani is here. Karan says why was papa saying I am not his son? Kulwant hugs him. She says I knew you will find out this truth one day or other. She says Karan.. Sarab isn’t your father. You are not his son. Karan cries and says it’s a lie. Kulwant says he only pretends to love you. If he did, won’t he pay the kidnapper? He has two kids only. Seher and Param. Karan cries. Karan says is Meher mama my mom? Kulwant says Meher is your mom but Sarab isn’t your father. You’re not Seher and Param’s sibling. You are someone else. Karan asks what’s that? She says come with me. I will show you.

Scene 4
Tai ji plays kikli with her friends and defeats them. Meher says why didn’t kids come back yet? Sarab says I was thinking the same. There must be traffic. Tai ji says Toshi, your turn now. She takes her to the floor.

Seher and Param look for Karan. Param says where could go. Kulwant is on her way to school with Karan. She explains him everything and tells him not to tell anyone.

Sarab calls the driver and asks where are they? He says we can’t find Karan. He was not in his class, his bag was there. Sarab says what? Toshi says you won. I lost. Tai ji says is there someone else to challenge me? Karan comes to the car. Param says where did you go? We were so worried. Kulwant asked him not to tell anyone he was kidnapped. No one would believe him. Karan says I was in the garden. Sarab says head home with all the kids. Meher asks Sarab is everything okay? He says yes, they are just leaving. Meher says so late? He says Param was roaming around in the garden. Everyone was looking for him. Meher says but don’t scold him. We have to keep his mood good.

Tai ji puts her hand on Meher’s shoulder and says come do kikli with me. You think you’re a champion in everything. Daar ji says this is their love. See, they will do kikli together. Meher smiles.

Seher says Karan, who goes out like this. Param says papa was so worried, he was angry. Karan says he was worried for me? Seher says who would he be worried for? Param says he will be very mad. Karan recalls what Kulwant said. She said you’re an outsider. Your papa will kick you out and you will have to sleep on the roads.

Scene 4
Kulwant laughs. she opens her bags and there are bananas inside. Bitu says why did you do all this? Kulwant says to poison his mind. I will attack Meher in a way that she will cry tears of blood. Karan will blast. Now see what happens. This would be fun.

Tai ji does kikli with Meher. She sees someone frying pooris. Daar ji says we won’t see this moment again. Make a video. Meher says please slow down. No one can defeat you. My head hurts. Please slow.. Amrit recalls Daar ji insulting her. She sees the burning oil.. She recalls Daar ji shoving her out. Meher’s head hurts. She says my head is numb. Amrit leaves her hand towards the oil. Meher is about to fall in the burning oil. Sarab screams.. The phone falls. Sarab holds Meher’s hand and saves her. Everyone is shocked and scared. Sarab asks are you okay? Daar ji says Meher are you okay? Meher looks at Tai ji. Tai ji screams my foot.. Oh God. My foot hurts. Meher did this, she shoved me. Dolly says you are such a drama. Sarab says you left er hand. It was recorded in the video. Why would she do this? She says because Meher has a criminal mind. Her entire family is in jail. Daar ji screams. Meher says Daar ji please don’t be mad at her for me today. He says go to food everyone. Dolly says get up.. Tai ji keeps doing drama. Sarab says thank God you’re okay Meher ji. She intentionally did this. Meher says why would she? It must be a mistake. Sarab hugs her.

Scene 5
The kids come back home. They say Karan isn’t talking to anyone. He went out. Karan says if I ask something will you answer me right? Sarab says we were also waiting for you. What do you want to ask. Tai ji screams at the servant and says what did you.. What if you hurt me. She dropped dishes. Meher asks are you okay? She says if I got injured?

The kids say to Sarab Param looks upset. Param says his teacher might have scolded him. Seher says he must have fought with a friend. Sarab says kids the sweets are ready. Seher and Param plates are ready too. Does anyone else want to eat? sarab says the kid who comes downstairs first will get a kiss. Karan doesn’t go. He says papa isn’t mine, he didn’t even take my name.


Choti Sardarni 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher says Daar ji I will make you touch the sky. She swings him. Daar ji falls. Everyone is shocked. He gets injured.

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Telecast Date:23rd June 2021
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