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Choti Sardarni 23rd July 2020 Episode Suddenly everyone appears and dances. They all welcome Meher. Param says Meher mama give me the baby. Sarab says no you’re tool small to carry him. Param says okay. They dance and welcome him inside. Amrita says let Meher get ready. Meher gets ready. Sarab and everyone dance to welcome her.

Lalita takes photos of the house. Harleen says what are you doing? She says I am Meher’s nurse. Harleen says what were you doing? She says taking photos of the house. It’s very antique and beautiful. Harleen says do what you are here for only. She says sorry. Harleen says go and tell everyone that I am not feeling well. Kulwant says I will make him taste the honey. He will be like me. Harleen says he will be like. Param says he will be like me. They all try to give him honey. Kulwant picks the baby. Meher says in heart I don’t want mummy ji to give honey. The baby pees. Meher takes the baby from him. Meher gives him to Sarab and he gives the baby honey. Kulwant says congratulations.

Some transgender come in and start. Mother is heroin and papa is hero, rest are all zero. They give blessings to the kids. Sarab gives them money. Everyone asks Sarab and Meher to dance. Sarab and Meher dance on phir see khuda. Param claps

Scene 2
Aditi recalls she was kicked out of her. She begged them to not do this. Aditi breaks the glass. Her servant comes and says Madam what happened? She says is this all okay? That I am doing. He tries to clean the glass. Aditi says I will. She says I don’t know if I will get my happiness back. But whoever has taken me has to pay for it. I will give them pain as well. The glass cuts her finger.

The servant is taking juice upstairs. Lalita takes it and says you go. She mixes something in that powder. She recalls Aditi asked her to mix that powder in Param’s food. She said your eyes should be on Param. Param says I am thirsty. Lalita gives him juice. Param says thank you. Meher says stop. We don’t give anything from fridge to Param. You only take care of the baby. I am here for Param. She returns the juice and gives Param a fresh one.

Lalita informs Aditi. Aditi says drain it. Make sure no one else sees it. Do what you are there for. Lalita says don’t worry. Aditi says then do your work carefully. Lalita looks at Param. Param says why does the baby keep sleeping? Sarab says because he’s small. Param says how will he grow up and go to school if he keeps sleeping. Sarab says babies sleep like that.

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