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Choti Sardarni 22nd September 2021 Seher starts working on the food. Rajveer flashes light on her from the room. He writes what to do. seher follows his directions. Seher shows him pooris.

Ramila says after this dinner, and taking revenge of my shame, I will expose this Seher. Rajveer writes cook the milk with sugar and dry fruits. Ramila says work as hard as you want Seher, I will add this in the food. Mausa comes. He says what is this? He says hing. Rajveer keeps directing Seher. She follows him. Rajveer writes well done. Seher gives him a flying kiss. Rajveer smiles.

Ramila and Mausa ji come. Rajveer draws the curtain. Mausa ji distracts Rimple by putting flower in her hair to save Rajveer. She says stop being so romantic. Ramila comes to Seher and says time over. Seher says all the work is done. Ramila checks and says well done. It looks so good. Harshdeep says well done Seher. It was about our family’s name. You did what you said. I have called very important people of the party. Ramila says in heart you will know what happens now.

Badi bi, Karan and Param come as well. Seher hugs them. Seher goes inside with them. Ramila adds jamalgota in the food. She says Harshdeep and Seher both will be insulted and then I will tell Rajveer and Seher’s top secret to everyone.

Scene 2
Seher comes in. rajveer says clap for the queen of Punjab who made 56 dishes in 6 hours. seher says all credit goes to you. You helped me. Thank you. I don’t know how will my life run without you. Rajveer says your finger is burned. What have you done. He applies medicine on her fingers. Rajveer says I told you to say no. She says how could I? Seher says you have done so much for me. I can do this for you and your family. Rajveer says you did the impossible. Everyone would be so impressed with you.

Scene 3
At night, Harshdeep welcomes all her guests. They say nothing is like didi’s food. Param says how did Seher do all this? Badi bi says I told you Rajveer helps her with everything. Harshdee says Seher made it. I am sure you will all love it. Let’s start the food. Seher serves everyone. Harshdeep says Mausi ji let’s eat. She says I will have soup only. I am not well. Everyone enjoys the food. Karan says outstanding Seher. Well done. All the guests appreciate the food.

Karan says to Anurita I hope someone will make the food for me like this. Anurita ignores him. Seher serves everyone. Ramila says they will all have their stomachs hurt. Mausa ji says your secret will be out. Ramila says why are you having soup? What’s the scene? He says I knew you were going to add that jamalgota in food. I replaced it with real hing. ramila says what? So what did you do with the real one? He says I added it in your soup to know what it is. Ramila is shocked.

Ramila coughs. She vomits. Seher and Rajveer ask are you okay? All the guests appreciate Seher for the food. They say you made it in 6 hours only. Seher says thank you everyone but the truth is I didn’t make it alone. Rajveer helped me. Ramila and Harshdeep are shocked. Seher says dida and Mausi ji I know I should have made it alone but my mama told me if we do something for others, it should be the best.

So I had to take Rajveer’s help. Ramila claps and says wow. You broke our custom. Her stomach hurts. She sits down. Ramila says I told you.. She holds her stomach. She says Rajveer I told you to stay in your room then you.. She farts. Badi bi says she increased the respect of this family. She worked on it with her husband, that’s the proof that they’re made for each other. They are life partners. I hope they help each other life this for life. A guests says you’re right.


Choti Sardarni 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer says to Seher, you are not going to stay here for forever. You are just a guest for a few months. Seher asks, will you remember me when I leave? He looks on. Dida hears a recording in which Rajveer and Seher are saying that their marriage is temporary.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
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