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Choti Sardarni 22nd June 2021 Sarab says will Karan accept his father? Meher says he will. He loves you more than me. But he’s too young to understand. Sarab says I know Tai ji. She will tell Karan one day or other son. Meher says don’t worry it won’t happen. Mehrr says will accept karan and me.

Tai ji says I am sleeping without my daar ji for the first time in 40 years. I have to do something.
Someone comes to Karan and picks him. He says let me sleep mama. She takes him to a room. Karan says dadi you.. Tai ji says I could not tell you in the morning. Sarab isn’t your father, Param and Seher aren’t your siblings, I am not your dadi.. and you are not Gill family’s blood. You are only your mom’s and who knows who your father is, karan screams. Sarab wakes up. He was dreaming, he runs to Karan’s room. Meher says Sarab ji are you okay? He says I am really scared. Meher says then we should end this fear once and for all. We should tell Karan everything. Before someone else tells him and affects his innocent heart we should tell him our way. And we will tell him tomorrow. And don’t worry about Tai ji I will win her heart at any cost, she will be with us on dad’s anniversary.

Scene 2
Meher gets decor done. The kids say mana the rangooli is so pretty. Our house looks so good. Karan says please make my favourite sweets after I come from school. Dolly says to Tai ji you asked her not to come in front of you. Yet she’s everywhere. Is she challenging you? Tai ii throws water on the rangoli. Meher is shocked. Karan says my mama made it why did you ruin it? She says you stay quiet. You aren’t part.. meher says kids you’re getting late for school. Seher says first ask her to say sorry. Meher says it was a mistake. Go to school. Tai ji says I spilled water intentionally and I will do that to anything you. I don’t like anything about you.

Meher asks Sony to clean it. Dolly says Meher on tiha girls go to their family’s house. Tai ji says where would she go? Her entire family is in jail. Meher says yes mother swing their daughters but I consider you my mom and this is my home. She says don’t do this drama in front of.

Daar ji screams. He isn’t well. Meher and Sarab rush there. Tai ji says are you okay? He says I was about to fall. My knees are getting weaker. He says get ice pack. Sarab says let me call the doctor, meher says let me get you milk. He says today I want to celebrate tiha with you. Tai ji goes to temple. Daar ji says she can’t stay mad. Meher says I hope I am able to convince her to celebrate with her. He says your intentions are pure.

Scene 3
Tai ji and Dolly come to the temple. Dolly says I will teach this meher a lesson. Let’s eat langar. Meher is serving there. Tai ji says she’s everywhere. Let’s go home. Meher says Tai ji please don’t leave without tasting langar. I won’t like it if you leave. She says if you felt so bad you would have left with your son. They leave.

A woman comes to Meher and says was that Amrit Kaur? Meher says yes. I am her DIL. Meher asks who are? She says someone amrit hasn’t met in 25 years.

Scene 4
Karan says my mom will make me sweets today. Kulwant comes there. Karan is shocked. She says my Karan.. karwn walks away. She says won’t you meet your nani? He says you’re bad. Police took you. She says but I am released now so I am good? Come let me get you lunch.

Karan gets all good made by Karan’s choice. He says I have to explain Karan today. I am getting all his favourites made. Meher says everything will be fine. Daar ji says your tai ji has locked herself in the room. She said she won’t come out. Meher says just arrange a loudspeaker. She will come out.

Scene 5
Kulwant takes Karan out for ice cream. She says stand here.. let me get taxi. Someone kidnaps Karan. Kulwant pretends to try to save him but they take him. Kulwant laughs and says wonderful.

Dolly asks Amrit to get ready. She says all of Daar’s friends are asking about you. He has to make excuses. Amrit says I don’t want to to. Amrits you old friends sing for him. She is shocked. She looks out. Daar ji aske where did you find amrit’s friend? Meher ssys at the temple.

Karay says who are you? Bitu and Rana say kidnapper. He says wow I am kidnapped? Alice was also kidnapped. Call my papa and ask for ransom. I will pretend to cry.

Amrit hugs her friends. She is shocked, they say we found you. Amrit says but how? They say your DIL invited us. She is amazing. This festival would have been incomplete without you.

Sarab says to Meher one thing is one. Now Karan is about to get home as well. We will tell him. Amrit laughs and enjoys with her friends. They say you still look so young. They joke with each other. Daar ji says to Meher you’re amazing. Yoy did what you said. You made her part of the festival. I hope she accepts Karan too. Mehr hugs him.

Karan pretends to cry. Bitu pretends to call Sarab and says we have kidnapped your son Karan. Karan says now like Alice’s dad papa will give money. Bitu says what? You don’t care? Rana says we can kill Karan you don’t cry? Karan cries and says papa save me. Bitu says what? Karan isn’t your son only Seher and Param are?

Choti Sardarni 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Karan cries and asks Kulwant why did papa say I am not his son? Kulwant says Sarab doesn’t love you. His kids are Param and Seher not you. Karan comes home with Param and Seher. Param says papa Karan isn’t talking to us. Karan says I will ask something. Will you answer with honesty?

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Telecast Date:22nd June 2021
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