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Choti Sardarni 22nd July 2021 Kulwant says how can I trust you? Meher says your sins are bigger than these stones. The sin of killing Manav, hitting Sarab with a truck. Trying to kill my Karan. Trying to kill both my sons. Meher says all your sins, I have buried them here today. I swear on my Sarab ji. The hate I have in my heart for you I am burying it today. Can you bury your hate too and forget the past? For daddy ji can you become an honest and good person? Kulwant cries and says I am. Please take me to him. I don’t want anything else. He’s back I have my everything. Please take me. Meher says let’s go.

Scene 2
Meher says now my daddy ji looks handsome. Seher says mama tells us about you. You used to take her to the temple on your shoulder. Seher says I will sit on his shoulder. Param asks was mama naughty? Seher says mama used to miss you so much. Param says thank God baba ji sent you back. Sarab brings food and says please eat. He says Kulwant I am hungry where are you? Is she asleep? Kulwant comes out in a pink dress. She’s shocked to hear his voice. Kulwant says Jagga’s dad I will fire this milkman. He mixed water.

Kulwant comes into the room. Trilochan looks at Kulwant. She sits next to him. He says Kulwant.. My queen. He cries. He says I told you I will come back. My Kulwant. You haven’t changed at all. You are still like 25 years ago. You’re my moon. Meher cries. He says say something, please. I haven’t heard your voice in years. Kulwant says my whole life passed as a widow. Couldn’t you come earlier? I used to pray day and night to see you. He says the jailer told me a man from India has done everything to bring me back. Who could he be? Who put in so much pressure to get me out? What was his name? His name is Sarabjit Singh Gill. Meher cries. He asks do you know him? Who got me out of jail and bring me here? Kulwant says do you recognize her? She’s your Meher. He recalls his moment with Meher. Meher hugs him. He says, my daughter.. My Meher.

Kulwant apologizes to Sarab holding her hands. Kulwant says this is Sarabjit Singh Gill. That pious man who brought you back here. Your son-in-law. Sarab holds his hand. He says long live my son. God gave me this happiness after so long. My daughter found such a good man like you. Kulwant says that’s Bitu and Rana. They hug him. Yuvi says I am Yuvi. Kids also meet him. Meher smiles with him.

Scene 3
Meher plays bhangra. They dance around Trilochan and dance with her. He says to Kulwant will you make halwa for me? She says yes. Meher shows her pictures of all the relatives. He sees pictures. Kulwant makes halwa. Kulwant says Sardar ji my daughter made the environment like childhood she is just like her mom. Meher says no mummy no is like you. Trilochan says yes no one can be like my wife. My Kulwant is a lioness. When I left she handled everything alone. She’s still the same. Meher smiles. He says see 5-year-old Meher and Bitu and Rana with her. He touches Jagga’s picture. He says my best son Jagga. Everyone is silent. He says Kulwant everyone met me. Where is Jagga? He didn’t come to meet his dad? Everyone is silent. He says where is Jagga? He asks Yuvi Jagga is your dad right? Yuvi says yes. He asks where is your dad and my son Jagga? Kulwant says your halwa is ready. Eat and tell me if the taste is still the same. He says wait. Where is Jagga? Tell me. Everyone is confused. Yuvi says dadu.. Papa has gone to baba ji and mama too. He’s shocked. Trilochan falls on the sofa. Meher holds him. Everyone screams. TRulochan faints.

Everyone comes. Sarab says daddy ji. Kulwant rubs his hands. He doesn’t open his eyes. Meher cries. They take him to the room. He opens his eyes and says Kulwant call everyone. I don’t have time. Meher says I won’t let anything happen to you. Kulwant says nothing will happen to you. He says I won’t live. Meher says I spent 25 years without you. You can’t leave me. He says I was alive to see your face Kulwant. I saw it, now my time is done. Meher says no. You had to eat the halwa. You had to play with the kids. He’s losing his breath. Bitu gives him water.

Kulwant says I will make you eat halwa. He says no Kulwant. It’s too late. Baba ji has called me. Kulwant hugs him. She cries. He touches Meher’s head and dies. Meher screams daddy ji.. Kulwant cries.


Choti Sardarni 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab sings for Meher in the car. They meet an accident. Both of them fall on the road and are badly injured.

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