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Choti Sardarni 22nd January 2021 AMrita cries. She packs her bag and recalls everything that Jagga said. Yuvi says where are we going? She says to your nani’s place. You are also coming with me. There’s no respect for me in this house. He says I won’t go anywhere. I will stay here. Amrita says then forget your mom and live in a house where your mom isn’t respected. Yuvi says no I will come with you. Let me say bye to everyone. She says there’s no one left in this house to say bye.

Meher cries and says how can mummy ji say all this. Jagag said such bad things to me. He says they both love you. Harleen says aren’t you going to Darjeeling? Sarab says we aren’t. Kulwant met an accident. She lost her sight due to fire. We have to cancel the plan. HArleen says I feel sorry for Kulwant but Param would be so upset. He prepared for hours. Sarab says we can go later.

Bitu says Amrita left the house. He reads the letter, it says I am leaving the house. I can’t live in a house where I am not respected. Jagga drinks and keeps calling her but no one picks. Jagga sits next to Amrita and holds her hand. Jagga gives Bitu and Rana meds and says stay with mummy ji and don’t leave her alone for a moment. I am going to find Amrita. Their wives make a plan for the movie and they leave Kulwant alone.

Scene 2
Kulwant says everyone’s name. No one comes. She steps on the glass. Kulwant says is there anyone home? She comes near the stairs. Meher and Sarab come. Meher holds her. Sarab says where is everyone?

Yuvi says papa is here. He says let’s go home. Yuvi says first say sorry. Jagga says Amrita you know how mummy ji is. You didn’t have to leave the house. Amrita says she called me thief, she insulted me all the time, she burned the furniture papa gave to me. He says please she lost her vision. Yuvi says mama called Jeeto to ask about dadi. Jagga says I know mummy ji is angry but she cares for you. She considers you her daughter. Let’s go home. Amrita says you said everything but sorry. I have tolerated enough.

Kulwant says Meher I am so sorry, I said such bad things. Meher says where is everyone? She says I had to go to the restroom. No one was here. Amrita left the house. Meher calls Jagga and says where are you? He says not your problem. Meher says you asked me to leave last night, no one was here today to take her to the restroom. She injured her foot. Jagga says stay with her. I am coming in one minute. Jagga runs. Amrita says where did Jagga go? Yuvi says he ran home.

Meher makes Kulwan’ts hair. She says DILs can never be daughters. Amrita left me. Meher says you also hurt her. Kulwant says only Jagga and you care about me. I will not give a penny from my wealth to Bitu and Rana. They come in with their wives. Meher says where were you? They say we went to get fruits for her. Meher shows their movie ticket. She says you went to watch a movie leaving her alone like this? Kulwant says get lost from here.

Meher gives food to poor people and asks them to pray for mummy ji. Jagga says where is mummy ji? Rana says we made a mistake. Pleas forgive me. Kulwant says they left me alone. Meher says why did you come from bed? Jagga says I am there to take care of her. Kulwant says I will kick these both out of the property. Rana whispers we will also tell everyone your truth. Meher says if I didn’t come on time she would fall. Jagga says thank you Mrs. Gill. We are here for her. We can take care of her. Meher says I saw how much everyone cares for her here.

Sarab brings medicines. Meher says can we take her home with us? sarab says of course. Jagga says she will stay here. Tell her mummy ji you will stay here. Mehr says will you come with her? Kulwant says I will go with Meher and Sarab. Jagga is shocked.


Choti Sardarni 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher and Sarab bring Kulwant home. Amrita calls Meher and says you brought her home but be careful. She bosses around wherever she is. Kulwant says this room would be mine.

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