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Choti Sardarni 21st September 2021 Rajveer says Seher let’s become a super chef. She says how can I read so many books in a night. He says we can do half. You can do both halves. She says what? He says I was kidding. We can diving them. He says let’s go practice. They practice cutting an onion. Rajveer says you don’t know how to cut onions. What will you do? Seher says please teach me. He says there is only one way now. I will cook tomorrow. I will come to the kitchen. Ramila hears. She says I won’t let you go to her.

Scene 2
Seher says baba ji please help me. You know I can’t cook like papa. Please help me because it’s not just about me but my parents too. Show me a sign. Rajveer comes. Rajveer says I am ready.

Anurita reads a letter and flowers from Param, hi coffee and I am waiting for you. These flowers must be looking good on you. She comes to the office. Karan is there. He says Anu come. I came to surprise you. Amazing flowers, who sent them? Do you have a boyfriend? She says a client sent them. She says how did you come? He says I came to clear your payment. Anurita says Param cleared the payment. Karan says I wanted to meet you. Let’s go for coffee. I will see you tomorrow. Don’t say no. Anurita says he’s not like his brother at all.

Scene 3
Ramila says Kitchen is ready. All guests are Harshdeep’s MLAs. They can’t be angry. You have six hours. Your time starts now. All the best. Seher is worried. Rajveer says don’t worry. Start boiling the milk. Seher says where are you Rajveer? Ramila says Rajveer will try to help Seher. She locks the room. Ramila says he’s asleep. I locked the room. Rajveer placed pillows in the bed.

He’s under the table. Seher says what are you doing here? He says kneading the flour. Seher says this isn’t right. Mausi ji said I have to do it alone. I can’t take your help. I will do it alone. He says okay I am leaving. Take care. He laughs and says you can’t do it, and I can do anything for you. You boil the milk and I will knead the flour. Seher says you are amazing but an idiot. Keep guiding me. Rajveer says I had been cooking since childhood. He tells Seher what to do and she does it.

Ramila comes there. She says how did you come here? You were asleep. He says I came to joke around with Seher. Ramila says she had to do it alone. Rajveer says she’s doing the work, I was just entertaining her. Ramila says come with me. She takes Rajveer.

Scene 4
Param says how will Seher do it? Karan says in just six hours. Badi bi says Seher will do it. Param says does she have a magic wand? Badi bi says no she has Rajveer. He will solve everything for her. Seher calls Badi bi. She says did you knead this flour? Seher says no Rajveer. Badi says I was telling them Raj will solve it for you. Seher says but Mausi ji took him. I don’t know what to do now.

Badi bi guides her on what to do. Harshdeep says seher what are you doing? If Mausi ji saw you she would get very angry. She said she you have to cook alone. Ramila locks Rajveer and says you can’t come out. Harshdeep says I and servants could help you but Mausi ji would be very mad. All the best. Rajveer says let me go, please. Ramila says she has to do it alone. Rajveer says how will Seher manage alone. Harshdeep takes her phone. Seher says who will help me now.

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