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Choti Sardarni 21st July 2020 Sarab runs after the man. He says Meher I promise you I won’t let anything happen to our baby. Sarab stops him and beats him. He says where is our baby. Sarab takes off his mask. He runs. Sarab runs after the cot and stops it from hitting the wall but it goes to the nursery where there are many kids. Sarba says where is my child? He looks in all the costs. Aditi says don’t worry we have tags on kids. Nurse check them. The ward says there is no tag on any kid here and Sarab’s child’s tag has falled outside. Doctor says how will you find out your baby? Only DNA test can do this. Sarab we have to match your DNA. Sarab recalls it wasn’t his baby. Sarab runs to find Meher. Sarab says we found the baby Meher. But.. You have to identify him. Sarab tells her that the baby is in nursery. Meher comes there.

Meher looks at the babies, the song Luka chupi plays. Meher cries. Doctor says how would Meher identify her baby in all these kids? Meher closes her eyes. Meher walks towards a cot. Meher says I can identify my child with closed eyes. She goes to all kids with closed eyes. Meher picks and hugs her baby. Sarab hugs them in tears.

Dr. Aditi says the records have matched. Meher you showed a mother can always find her child. Dr. Aditi says they need rest. We need to keep Meher and baby here for six days. Say thanks to Lalita who informed on right time. Sarab says Lalita is going with us. Sarab thanks Aditi. They leave. Meher how did this happen? Who wanted to kidnap our baby? Who sent him?

Scene 2
Aditi slaps the man says how dare you. You are such an idiot. You almost lost that child. Thank God meher identified him otherwise it would all have gone to vain. THis was only to convince Sarab to take Lalita to his place.

Param counts. He says it’s been so many days baby and mama aren’t home. I only go to hospital and come back. Sarab says baby and mama can’t be with you for hours. Param says why? Sarab says because they are coming home so they’ll be with us 24/7.

Jagga calls Kulwant and says I am stuck here. Take care of everything. Kulwant says my Meher is coming home. I will treat her with her favorite laddu and halwa. She looks at the jar and it’s empty. Kulwant says who stole it? Yuvi says I only stole chocolates. Kulwant says I know who did it you have to help him.

Sarab is leaving to pick Meher. Param says I will go with you. Harleen says you have important class today. You can’t go. Harleen says we have high party meeting today. Sarab says I forgot. Sarab asks Tarkash to pick Meher.

Ginni eats laddus form the kitchen. She coughs. Amrita says what happened? She says Rana.. Ginni can’t talk. Kulwant smirts. Kulwant says what happened? This happens when someone touches my daughter’s things.

Tarkash comes to Meher. Meher says Sarab didn’t come? HE says there’s high command meeting. Meher says it’s okay. Aditi gives a medicine to Lalita and asks her to mix it in their food.
Rana says to Ginni what happened? She tries to talk but Rana can’t understand. She says my mouth hurts. Rana says because you talk a lot. Ginni says stop it. My throat hurts. She says should I massage it? She says your mom did this. Rana says why would she? Jeeto comes there and laughs. Jeeto says what happened to you? She says spoiled laddus. Jeeto says I don’t touch her stuff. SHe leaves. Ginni says I will teach her a lesson. Rana says I will talk to mummy ji. Kulwant slaps Rana. She says I will kill you if you take her side in front of me. We have to go to Meher’s place. Go get ready.

Scene 3
Meher comes home. No one is there to welcome her. Meher is shocked and upset. She looks at her baby. Meher says no one acme to welcome us?

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