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Choti Sardarni 20th September 2021 Ramila says yes that’s my anklet. I went to your room. I saw a really bad dream. I saw that both kids aren’t well and they can’t breathe. I was so worried. I knocked on your door and you didn’t open it. So I was scared and I jumped in. Harshdeep says wow, she’s such a drama. Ramila says then I saw the kids sleeping and they were fine. I thank God and left the room. I am very sorry. I shouldn’t have done this. I will never do this again.

Forgive me please. Seher says we should be sorry. It’s our mistake. Elders only bless us. Rajveer says very sorry mausi. We got it wrong. Seher says we feel really bad. Karan says they are your kids. Please forgive them. Param says when we were ill Meher mama would check us like this as well. Seher says please forgive us. Ramila says you will make me cry. Do the custom. She says in heart you did this drama to expose me? Now you see what I do. She spills water on Seher and says sorry I slipped.

Mausa ji says you were getting exposed in order to prove Harshdeep wrong. She’s not the same Harshdeep who came to us 13 years ago.

Scene 2
Seher says Rajveer I feel so bad. I did so wrong. Poor Mausi ji was only worried for us. Rajveer says calm down. What we did was important. We had to find out. I know how to lift her mood up. Seher says really? He says yes. She will be dancing. Seher says what’s the idea? He says if you make her gajar halwa. She will be very happy. Seher says are you crazy? He says it’s not a missile. Seher says I can’t even boil water. Rajveer says no one should know you can’t cook. Ramila hears it.

She says now I know how to insult you. Rajveer says in our house DILs have to cook. Rajveer says I am sorry Seher. I called you DIL. We know what our relationship is but the world calls us husband and wife. You will always be my best friend. This marriage drama is only for a few months. Seher says ever since you told me about the divorce I feel a lot better. I had to fake this wedding and I don’t want you to do that all your life. Thank you. Ramila hears all this. He says don’t worry. It’s only about a few months and then you will be free. Seher hugs him and says thank you. Ramila laughs and says marriage is a drama and divorce in a few months? Now I will show Harshdeep.

Scene 3
Seher says let me order halwa. He says I ordered already. She says when? He says we were talking. Seher says you are so caring. The girl you love is lucky. You will be an amazing husband. He says I wish she thought the same. Seher says how would she if you don’t tell her? He says how? Seher says I will talk to her and tell he everything. I will tell her how amazing you’re and the sweetest guy I know. Tell me about her. Her name, address everything. Rajveer says how can I? I have lost her. Seher says I will find her on social media. We can find her again. Mausi ji says come have lunch.

Harshdeep says it feels so good having lunch together. Ramila says Seher time for our custom. Will you do what we ask? Seher says yes. Ramila says you have to do our ritual. You have to cook 56 dishes for 11 guests. Harshdeep says to Ramila what custom is that? Ramila says I have invited Harsh’s 11 MLA as guests. They are special. Rajveer says how can she cook for so many people? Harshdeep says she’s Meher’s daughter after all? She can do it.

Param says we have so many chefs in both houses. Karan says I will send my chefs. Ramila says this custom isn’t done my servants. Badi bi says but I can help right? Ramila says didn’t you hear? I said servants can’t help in this custom. Seher has to cook for everyone. If Seher can’t do it, let me know. I will say no to all the guests. Seher says no no I will cook. Everyone is shocked. Rajveer says but how will you do it? Seher says I am Meher Kaur’s daughter. I won’t give up like her. Don’t worry Mausi ji I will do this custom. Ramila says I knew you can do this. Here’s the list. Guests would be so happy to have your food.

Seher reads the list. Seher says what is all this? How will I cook it? Rajveer says are you crazy? Why did you agree? Why did you become such a heroin? Seher says how could I say no after saying yes? Rajveer says how will you make it? Seher says let me think.

Harshdeep says to Ramila what’s the reason behind all this? Ramila says you’re so clever right? Find out yourself. Harshdeep says let it go. Don’t take the challenge personally. You lost the bet already. Ramila says I will get the proof. Harsh leaves. Ramila says I won the bet already. I can expose their fake marriage right now. They aren’t husband and wife. But before exposing I need to take revenge for my insult.

Rajveer says I am sorry Seher. I said a lot. She says try to understand I couldn’t say no to everyone’s hopes. I know I am here for a few months but I want to keep everyone happy. Rajveer says I am with you. Seher says I know that. He says I will always be with you.

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