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Choti Sardarni 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 20th October 2020 Sarab says you cleared things mentioning dagger, bridge and murder. You have time till tomorrow. Police will arrest you after that and the punishment would be doubled.

Param says papa I want that gun. Sarab says it isn’t a toy. Param says I want it, want it. A gun is framed on the wall. Param says please give it once papa. Sarab says no.

Rana says Bitu is it gonna be over? How long will we be jailed? Ginni and Jeeto will run with someone else. They look at Param and Sarab. Bitu looks at the gun. Rana says they hit you a lot in the jail. He says my slipper will go to jail. What is wrong with Sarab. I will treat him right. He says tonight is gonna be long.

Param says I want that gun. Robbie says let him play. I am sure it doesn’t working. Sarab says it’s in working condition. Meher says why are you crying? Param says I want that gun. I told Karan, I will get him a new gun. Sarab says give him the new toys. Meher says come let me show you the new toys. Robbie says it’s still in working condition? Robbie recalls Sarab insulted him. He says this gun will solve all my problems.

Meher gives Sarab new toys. Jagga is there. Meher says veer ji you here alone? Param shows the new toys to Karan. Meher says you are alone here. What happened? He says I beg you Meher. Don’t do this. Param runs out. Kulwant is on the door. Meher says you’re taking mummy ji’s side? You always.. He says yes I take side of the right thing. How can I let my mom go to jail in this age? She has done so much for us all her life alone. She is saying Manav is alive then what murder? She says attempt of murder then. We have asked her to surrender. Court will decide the rest. He says you can do what you want. I will be her son. Kulwant says I will change the history tonight.

Param looks at the gun. Kulwant says why are you upset? He says I want that gun. Papa said it’s not for kids. Sarab sees off all the guests. He says to Surya thanks for coming. Vikram says someone give us cake as well. Sarab says wow. Vikram says beautiful incident is one year old now. Vikram falls. Sarab holds him. Sarab says Vikram.. He says I am not Vikram. My name is.. Surya says what are you saying? Bring him water please. Manav recalls Meher said Sarab is hers now. He recalls Sarab kissing Meher’s hand. Manav looks at the cake. He says I can remove the name. I will do anything for you. Surya says don’t do this. Manav stabs Sarab’s name with knife. Surya says what are you doing? He says I gave my life for you and you keep taking Sarab’s name?

Manav looks at the gun but falls. Surya and sarab pick him. Aditi comes running. Everyone comes there. Aditi says please drink water. He says I am fine. Give me whiskey. Sarab says he’s stressed about something. Meher says Aditi you should take him home. Robbie says he won’t go anywhere. There’s a curfew in Punjab. Sarab says all of you stay here tonight then. Kulwant says to him why would you care about your family. Sarab says we will see tomorrow. Manav says it won’t stay. Aditi says what? Sarab says everyone should rest. He says let’s arrange everyone’s stay Meher. He holds Meher’s hand. Manav looks at them in anger. Bitu, Rana, Jagga and Kulwant also see them leaving. Manav says stop my gobi de parathy. Meher is shocked. She stops. Her hand drops from Sarab’s.

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