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Choti Sardarni 20th May 2022 Episode starts with Bittu coming to the hall with his pillow. Seher sees it and takes the pillow in her hand. She says I know you are very sad, with whatever is happening and I know that you didn’t have food.

She asks him to sit and have food. She makes him have the food and says I know nothing is easy, what is Mannat’s mistake in this, she has grown up with family and support, but she knows about family and relations’ meaning.

She says it is God’s blessings that she keeps family and relations first. Kulwant says Seher has said right, I did a mistake and had asked Harnoor and her daughter to go away very far. She says she wants to rectify her mistake, by bringing Mannat here. She asks Bittu, if he wants to rectify his mistake. Bittu recalls Meher’ words.

Kulwant asks him to do penance and says Mannat needs you now the most, as you are her father. Seher says Mannat has made this halwa, as she is sweet like this, wherever she will go, she will give her sweetness to everyone, then why shall we mix hatred poison in her and make her bitter. Bittu says you are saying right.

Seher says Jeeto mami needs your support and asks him not to go away from her, be with her. Bittu nods his head and goes to his room. Seher says very soon you will say Nani, wonderful ji wonderful. Kulwant says they will go to Gurudwara with Mannat.

Next day, Kulwant comes to Gurudwara with Mannat and Seher. Seher tells Mannat that today she wants to give her something. She takes out a chunari and says it is Maa’s chunari. Mannat gets emotional.

Seher shows the bangle, and says it is for you. She says you deserves it. Mannat tells Kulwant that she was sad that she couldn’t meet her Meher bua, but today Seher made her meet Meher bua, it seems like she is with me. She thanks Seher and says this is my life’s best gift. Kulwant makes her wear the chunari. Seher makes her wear the bangle.

Seher tells that the house responsibilities is on you now, and you have to shield the house from the troubles. She says you have to stay in the house as ghee, and has to fight for the family as the truthful sardarni and has to fight.

She asks her to remember the teachings of their Gurus and get the answer. She says this family is yours and will support you always. She wipes her tears and says one day you will marry and will become choti sardarni of the house. Just then Zoravar and Kiara come there. Seher tells that then you will have responsibilities of two families, as you will fulfill it well, as you have blood of a tigress who can do anything.

Mannat hugs Seher and imagines Meher smiling in the sky. She gets emotional. Seher says just like Mamma, who thought about the family always, and after her, even I have taken up the responsibilities and walk on her path. She asks her to keep the family united, and says nobody shall be alone and upset. She asks Mannat if she will take care. Mannat smiles.

Kulwant takes Seher to do the seva. Kiara tells Zoravar that they shall do seva of baba ji before the factory opening. Zoravar goes past Mannat, senses something and turns. Just then Mannat turns her face and he couldn’t see her. Kiara and Zoravar are cooking food in the Gurudwara, while Mannat is also cooking food with Kulwant. Zoravar thinks gas is slow. Mannat drinks water.

She sees an old guy serving the food to the people. She keeps the glass and goes to help him. Zoravar comes there and drinks the water left by Mannat. Kiara comes and calls Zoravar. Mannat, Seher and Kulwant come inside the Gurudwara. Mannat sits beside Zoravar unknowingly and pray to baba ji.

She prays to Baba ji that she shall fulfill the responsibilities given by Seher. Zoravar prays that he shall run the factory well and fulfills his mother’s dream. Seher tells baba ji that she has no doubt and is sure that Mannat will run the house like Mamma and her. Zoravar and Mannat bend their head infront of baba ji and get up. Kulwant asks Mannat and Seher to come, else they will get late for airport. Kiara asks Zoravar to come. They also walk out of Gurudwara.

Seher gives a gift to Bittu for Gullu. Bittu says this is empty frame. Seher says where ever you feel that your family is complete, you shall click the pic and insert in this frame. She says your family picture shall complete till I return. Kulwant asks what is this? Bittu says gift. Kulwant says you are giving us gift while going.

Rajveer says we don’t want you to miss us. Kulwant says we will wait for your return. Seher gives brooch to Kulwant. Kulwant says it is very beautiful. Seher says MLA Kulwant Kaur will wear it. Kulwant says surely and asks Raj to take care. Seher gives a flower pot to Jeeto. Jeeto says it will have many flowers till you return.

Prince gifts a car to Gullu so that he don’t miss him. Karan and Rane ask for their gifts. Raj says we didn’t bring anything for you. Seher says we have forgotten. Rajveer says until I am in US, you both shall handle my company. Seher gives Ipad to Ginny so that she makes a call to her daily and gives her all the info.

Rajveer says you all have accepted me, and asks them to bless that they shall do the work for which they are going and shall return soon. Kulwant gets emotional. Mannat gets an idea and goes. Seher asks whoever wants anything, shall send the list so that I will bring when I come. Rane says we will get gifts in return also. Gullu comes there playing dhol. Seher, Raj and others smile.

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