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Choti Sardarni 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 20th April 2021 Meher takes Sarab’s name in the hospital. Sarab says my Meher ji is calling me. Sandhya recalls what the reporters were saying. Harleen comes there. She says fet out of this house. Because you Meher is in not here and we are being defamed. Our family broke because of you. SAndhya gets teary and starts walking outside. Sarab comes and says Sandhya won’t go anywhere. HArleen says are you crazy? People are saying things. This will ruin your career. Sarab says Rajan is out. If she goes out he can harm her. Sandhya says please let me go. This would be best for every9one. Sarab says if Meher was here she would never let you go. Kulwant taks her inside.

The nurse tells the doctor that Meher’s condition is a little better. Her body moved. He says we have to shift Meher to a bigger hospital. Kulwant sees channels talking about Sarab and says I will sue them. Bitu says I also want to handle the business. Rana says you can’t.

Scene 2
Param, Kraran and Seher come to the hall. The news plays and the reporter says Sarabjit Singh Gill murdered his wife to be with his lover Sandhya. The kids are shocked. Sandhya turns the tv off. Seher says what were they saying? Murder? Param says no one murdered anyone. Sandhya pretends to talk to Meher and says Meher ji is perfectly fine. SArab overhears and cries. Harleen asks him to calm down.

Seher says to Sandhya why are you sad? Sandhya says I am fine. Seher says let me check your mood meter. Sandhya says what? Seher says smile in the mirror. Sandhya smiles and hugs her. Seher says I am hungry. Let’s go eat. Sandhya says I don’t want to eat. Seher says Param and KAran won’t eat if you don’t.

Scene 3
Jeeto is mad at Bity. Bitu says mom did a huge mistake by giving everything to Rana.

Sarab meets the lawyers. The lawyer says we have to prove the Meher’s death was an accident. Sarab shouts and says Maher is alive. Harleen says you have to accept the truth that Meher is no more.
Sarab says to Harleen, Meher ji is alive. She will come back to me. Sandhya says they have suffered a lot because of me already. I will do something that will solve it forever.

At night, sarab tells story of king and queen to the kids. Param says papa one more story. He says no sleep now. param says you sleep with us as well. Seher says papa when will mama come back? Karan says when will mama come? The doctor at the hospital says we have to shift her to Amritsar. That’s the only way to save her. Sarab says mama will come back soon.

Meher is taken to the ambulance. It’s the same ambulance Meher and Sarab started for the people of Punjab.
Sandhya recalls what people said. She recalls how Harleen insulted her. Sarab said you won’t go anywhere. sandhya is worried. She recalls Harleen and Sarab crying together. Sandhya picks a revolver. Meher is in the ambulance towards Amritsar.


Choti Sardarni 21st April 2021 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sandhya runs on the road. Rahan runs after her. Robbie sees them and informs them. They go towards City Hospital. Meher is brought there.

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Telecast Date:20th April 2021
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