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Choti Sardarni 1st May 2021 Sarab comes to Meher and holds her. He says I have to complain for last night. Meher says what did I do? He says You made me fool twice. You brought kids last night. I had so many dreams. I want a kiss. Meher says ouch my hand.. He says are you okay? Meher runs. Sarab runs after her. Meher says di please save me.. Sarab holds her hand. Meher says mummy ji. Sarab leaves her hand. Kids and Harleen tease Sarab. Harleen says all the happiness is back in this house. I hope everything remains the same in this house.

Meher stops suddenly. She holds her head. She hears a loud beep. Sarab holds her. Sarab says see you got caught. Meher says why was I running? He says don’t act. Meher says I am not joking. I can’t recall. He says stop making excuses and give me a kiss. Sarab comes close to her. Rana and Bitu come. Sarab says third wheels. Harleen says Meher Kulwant aunty is calling. Let’s go.

Bitu and Rana tell Sarab Kulwant kicked them out of the house. Robbie says they will have fun there and we will be bored here. Rana says we can try something. Robbia says how will we go there? Bitu says to Sarab you’re great. Rana says you can do anything. Bitu says you are our hope. Rana says take us there. Robbie says they will hit you if you get caught. Sarab says don’t know about you all but I won’t get caught. Sarab asks Seher to bring pen and paper. Sarab writes on paper, my dear Bandri ji.. He gives the letter to Seher and says put it in your mama’s bag. Sarab says I will meet my mutiyar today.

Scene 2
Yuvi says Meher bua is here. Kulwant asks Jeeto to bring the oil. Kulwant hugs the kids. She welcomes Harleen. Kulwant spills oil in Meher’s feet to welcome her. Kulwant says, my daughter.. After years you are coming back home. Come in. Meher looks at Jagga and Amrita’s photo. Kulwant says today their soul would be at peace. Jeeto says time to celebrate.

All women start dancing. They hear the noise. Kulwant says I am sure it’s them. Bring the sticks. Meher says they can’t come near this house. I have my army. Meher says Major Karan, Captain Yuvraj, Major Param.. Here are your weapons. You will do the security outside.

Sarab and the boys come outside disguised as girls. Sarab says, my women.. My mutiyars. Robbie says aren’t there women at your place? Sarab says carefully. There are women inside. They will hit us if they catch us. Rana says we can jump from the roof. Seher calls Sarab and says secret agent Seher reporting. Param, Karan, and Yuvi are doing security on the door. They will blow the whistles if you come near. Sarab asks everyone to use the back door. Rana says me? Sarab says you too. Sarab says I will go from the front door.

Scene 3
Meher and the women dance on lala hogai. Jeeto and Ginni come as boys. They fight with each other acting like Bitu and Rana. Harleen comes disguised as Robbie. She says hello bro. Everyone laughs. Ginni says now Meher will become Sarab. Meher says okay.. Meher comes wearing a turban and says Meher ji.. She can’t hear. Sarab says are you jumping the wall and being a bandri again? Juice for me? So cute. First, you drink it Meher ji. It might have jamal gota. You go first. She drinks the glass and says thank you. Meher holds her stomach and says my stomach hurts.. Meher ji.. Not again. Kulwant laughs. She says wonderful.

Someone blows the whistle. Kulwant says pick the stick. Yuvi says I saw Rana. He was coming in from the back door. Kulwant says look for them. Harleen sees someone under the sheets. Kulwant takes off the sheet. It’s Robbie. Harleen says how did you come in? Robbie says I was missing you baby. Meher says you don’t miss me any day. Kulwant says ladies.. Hit him. They all hit him with sticks. Robbie says why me alone? Bitu and Rana are behind the sofa. Hit them too. Kulwant says come out. She hits them both and they run out. Ginni says Sarab will also get hit. Meher says he won’t come like this. Kulwant says to the kids, blow the whistle when Sarab comes.

Sarab comes there singing a poem. His face is hidden.


Choti Sardarni 10th April 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Meher says go from here they will hit you with sticks. Sarab says I only care about you. He comes close to Meher. Kulwant knocks and says Meher open the door.

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