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Choti Sardarni 1st June 2022 Episode starts with Kulwant telling how dare he (Zoravar) to question my grand son. Dolly says that girl is clever and cunning. She tells that she don’t want to see Mannat or her family. Rane asks if Zoravar had only fought with the goons, even Mannat had fought bravely with them.

He says if Zoravar misbehaves with her, then he don’t know what we can do. Mannat says he didn’t misbehave and cared for me. Bittu makes her sit and says you think everyone as yours. Kulwant makes her eat food and tells that Dolly is like a sword and must have made Zoravar like her. Dolly tells that they are snake family and friendship is bad with them. Zoravar says Mannat is not like that,

she is good and intelligent. Kiara smiles. Dolly says she don’t want to hear her name or see her face. Rane says I will cut Zoravar like this mango. Bittu says he will break him. Mannat holds her head. Zoravar asks Dolly to calm down and have food. He says I need a help from you all, if you can help me with the riddle.

He tells it. Dolly says she don’t know. Kiara asks Scarlet to help him. Scarlet says this riddle is wrong. Zoravar asks Alexa if it can help her. Alexa says it doesn’t know. Zoravar thinks to go to Mannat’s house and ask for the answer.

Later Mannat gets a phone call and comes in the lawn of the house worriedly. She sees Zoravar and asks what is he doing here, if someone sees him. Zoravar wipes dust or something from her face and says he is getting mad thinking about the answer of the riddle. She says you are great Randhawa,

and asks if he can’t answer a riddle. She says your life is not the puzzle, you know what you want and asks if Scarlet is the answer to all his questions. He nods yes. Mannat gets sad. He says you have found your family and now you don’t want anything from life. Mannat looks on.

Bittu calls her. Mannat asks him to go. Zoravar says I am not scared of anyone. Mannat makes him lie down on the bed and covers him with the clothes. Bittu asks Mannat what is she doing? Mannat says she is taking Dog’s clothes, then says she wants to feed the dogs. Bittu says Dogs are honest and goes on badmouthing about Zoravar. Zoravar hears him. Bittu says he is afraid and concerned for her,

and asks her to stay away from that Zoravar and all the guys. He says no guy is trustable and asks if she understood. Mannat nods her head. Bittu is about to keep his hand on her head, Jeeto comes there. He stops himself. Jeeto goes. Bittu also goes.

Zoravar gets up and asks what is your Papa’s problem with me. Mannat says all Papas are same, they are behind the guys who are behind their daughters. Zoravar asks if I am behind you. Mannat says no, and tells that all Papas has problem with guys. She asks him to call Inderpal Randhawa and tell him that you are not a loser and is winning the world without his support, that you don’t need him.

Zoravar asks if you are mad? Mannat says sometimes we have to do madness, so that we don’t get mad. She asks him to call him and take out all his feelings and frustration. She asks him to take out the child inside him and give him the happiness which he deserves. She asks him to call him. Zoravar takes out his mobile and dials his number.

Inderpal picks the call and says I know you will call me and knows that you need me and can’t do anything on your own. You can’t do anything alone, nothing. Zoravar stammers and says I want to tell you something. Inderpal gets angry and throws the glass on the ground.

He says you couldn’t talk properly till now, you are of no use. Mannat signs Zoravar. Zoravar talks well and says when my father had decided that I am of no use, but you are very talented and asks how your son are not talented. He asks if you don’t have the talent to make your son talented.

He asks why he has so much pride of being Randhawa empire king. He says you don’t deserve to be a father and I haven’t seen love and care for your kids, just saw anger and hatred for them. He says I shall thank you, as your hatred became my strength. He says it is ok. He says now I have so much today, big name than you, big empire, big business and more importantly confidence.

He says now I don’t need you. Inderpal asks him to mind his tongue and asks him not to forget that he is his father. Zoravar says today I can say that you don’t deserve to be my father and is of no use. He tells a riddle about lota/pot and asks if he wants to hear more. Inderpal gets angry and throws his mobile down. Zoravar feels relieved and happy and hugs Mannat happily. He says I shall leave now, bye.

Mannat asks if we will not meet again, says our families will not meet. Zoravar says if we make our families meet then. He says they shall throw the party. Mannat says planning a conspiracy. Zoravar asks her to tell what her family likes to eat in food. Mannat tells about everyone’s preferences. Zoravar says I got the answer.

Mannat says you can’t get riddle answer. He says he will get it. He stumbles and is about to fall. Mannat holds him. They have an eye lock. Music plays….Mannat asks him to look in the front and walk first. He says you will get answer in the party and smiles. He leaves. Mannat smiles.

Zoravar tells Dolly that they shall keep the party and invite Kulwant’s family, as she will become MLA in future. Kiara says he is right. Zoravar says it is not right to remember the mistakes and end the relation. Dolly agrees. Zoravar says he will invite Kulwant aunty. Kulwant tells Bittu that Zoravar called her. Mannat asks her to pick the call. Kulwant picks the call.

Zoravar greets her and tells that both of the families were angry, and asks her to leave anger and invites them to the party. Mannat tells that they shall go to the party. Kulwant says when they are not breaking their relation with us, then why shall we. Dolly thinks to insult her. Even Kulwant thinks to insult her in the party. Mannat sends message to Zoravar. Zoravar smiles and reply her.


Choti Sardarni 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Zoravar apologizes to Kuwant for whatever happened that day. Mannat apologizes to Dolly. Dolly and Kulwant at loggerhead. Mannat and Zoravar looks on.

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Telecast Date:1st June 2022
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