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Choti Sardarni 1st June 2021 Sarab sits down upset. He recalls Kulwant was there and how she lied to Meher. Sarab cries. Meher calls him. Sarab picks the phone. Meher says where are you? Did you find anything? Sarab says that attacker.. Meher says who is it? Sarab cries. His phone turns off. Meher is confused. Sarab recalls how Kulwant always called him a son always she wanted a SIL like him.

Scene 2
The kids go out to play. Harleen asks where is Sarab? Meher says he went out for something important. Kulwant look at her. Sarab is on his way. He says Meher must know this truth. I will expose mummy ji. Kulwant says to Meher you should rest. You look worried. Meher says I am tired.

Sarab comes home. He sees his conscience. It says go and tell Meher everything. The other side says it will make Meher upset and sick again. All happiness would be gone. Sarab is confused. Sarab comes in. Kulwant is massaging Meher’s head. Seher says mama do my massage as well. Meher does Seher’s. Kulwant says all three genenrations. Sarab’s conscience says Meher should know the truth. Sarab is confused. The kids say papa is here. Karan says where did you go? Seher says you left the party. Meher says I have to talk to papa. Meher asks Sarab who was he? Ginni says let’s go mummyji. Kulwant says to Sarab is everything okay? Did you find anything? Sarab says all okay. He goes to his room.

Meher comes to Sarab. She says who is the attacker? Why are you silent? Sarab says I couldn’t find out. Meher says we will figure this out and expose him. Don’t worry. Sarab says it might be one of the 25 people. Can be a friend or relative. Will you forgive that person? Meher says forgive? I will drag him to jail. That person will remain in jail for the rest of his life. Sarab says did you eat?

Scene 3
Kulwant shouts at Jeeto and says why did you ask me to leave. Get out of here. Bitu says don’t worry. Kulwant says I am sure Sarab saw me. Bitu says yes he looked tense. Bitu says what if he found out? He will tell Meher. Kuwant says how will he prove I was driving? Yuvi says the pen drive you were looking for, I asked Karan about it. Kulwant says what pen drive is it? Bitu says nothing.

Scene 4
The kids see the photos. Seher says nani and papa look so good. Sarab says one truth changed everything. He’s worried. Sarab says show me a way, God. Seher says why aren’t you seeing the photos? Meher says go to sleep kids. Meher says before the wedding we will expose that attacker. Mummy ji will help us. Sarab says, will she? Meher says she will do anything for us. When I found out that the truck belonged to our company I doubted mummy ji for a second. I am so stupid. She can give her life for you. SHe loves you so much. She calls you her son. Sarab says you are too innocent. The mummy ji you want to solve this case with is.. Meher sa what? Sarab says mummy ji.. Kulwant calls. She asks what are you doing? Meher says we were discussing the case. Kulwant says about the case? Kulwant says we will bring bangles and kalerain tomorrow. Meher says thank you mummy ji. Love you. I missed my mother’s love at the first wedding. Sarab says in his heart I can’t take away her happiness. I don’t know what to do. Meher says what were you talking about? He says we will see all that lter. Meher hugs him.

Scene 5
Seher tells Param and Karan their sehras are there. Dolly says I won’t let Karan have it.

Sarab gets ready. Meher you look good. Your mood looks off? Kulwant comes outside with band baaaja. Harleen welcomes them. Kulwant says where is Sarab? Sarab says in his heart I will expose you.


Choti Sardarni 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulwant says where is Sarab? Sarab comes. Kulwant says God give you my life as well. Sarab says yeah you care the most about my life. Kulwant does his arti. Sarab stops her.

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Telecast Date:1st June 2021
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