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Choti Sardarni 1st January 2021 Param says nest game over. I am back. Sarab asks what did you miss the most? He says nothing. Papa mama and karan were with me. Sarab gets a call and goes out. Meher gets a call too. Someone says gobi de parathy.. Meher says Manav? He says no, Vikram Dewan. He says Meher ji I have a good news and a bad news. Meher says bad news. He says there is a 3 billion scam in Goa. I am being posted there. So thought I should say good bye to all of you. Can I speak to Sarab? Sarab is on call. Vikram says it’s okay. He says I ma late for my flight. I wanted to say I have learned a lot from Sarab, Param and my Karan and you. Take care. And Sarab is a good human. Take care of him as well. Meher says you should have met us before leaving. He says if you move ahead, you can’t look back. Meher says all the very best. He says I learned in the last few days that Aditi loves me a lot. She loves me a lot. I can never find a better life partner than her. I haev also started loving her now. Aditi comes there. Aditi says I love you too. She hugs him. Meher says what is wrong with Sarab?

Sarab leaves in a hurry for office. He says I have a meeting. Sarab leaves. Meher is worried. Arti is outside. Watchman calls Meher and says some woman Arti is here. Meher asks him to send her in. Meher asks Arti to come in. She says you’re safe here. Don’t worry. Who is harming you? What is his name? Arti says Sarabjit Gill. Meher is shocked. Meher says that isn’t possible. The woman says Sarab is behind the man who hits me, treats me like this. Meher says who? She says Sarab’s closest, Tarkash. He’s my husband. She says Tarkash has made my life hell. He beats me on small things. He even stabbed me. Sometimes belt. Meher gets uncomfortable. Arti says Meherji please save me. I tolerated all this. Meher cries and says why did you not tell police? Tarkash hit her and said you will call police? Do you know who do I work for? Sarabjit Singh Gill. Meher sees her bruises. Meher is teary. Arti says I tolerated everything but he beats my daughter as well. What will happen to my daughter? Tarkash says Meher bhabhi.. Arti says he will kill me. Meher says don’t worry he can’t come in until I say yes. When Sarab finds out he will take an action. He respects woman.

Meher goes out. Tarkash says Sarab ji wants some files. Meher is shocked. Meher gives him file. Tarkash says are you okay? Mehre says are you married? He says yes I have a daughter. Meher says you never introduced us to your family. He says my wife is very shy and introvert. She doesn’t like going out.

Meher recalls Arti said I used to do job but after marriage, he didn’t let me go out. He leaves. Meher comes in and says arti ji don’t worry.. Arti isn’t there. Meher asks Ajay where did she go? He says she left.

Meher calls Sarab. Sarab says I just gave your meds to the driver. You had a bruise. Meher says it was a week ago. He says no take your medicine, I can’t see my wife in pain. Meher recalls arti telling about her bruises. Meher says tarkash.. Sarab says did you give her the file? She says yes. Sarab says I have a meeting. I will call you back.

Scene 2
Param says Meher mama bua gave this card and to invite nani for the new year party. Let’s go. Meher says where? He says we have to go to nani’s place for lunch.

Kulwant says I will give this locket to Meher. Ginni says it’s so pretty. Is it for me? Ginni says no it’s for my Meher. Meher and kids come. Kulwant hugs Meher. Param and Yuvi play. Meher says this is the locket biji gave to you. She says my MIL gave it to me, and I will give it to you. She puts it on Meher and says you look like a queen. Meher says bhabhi how does it look? Amrita says you look like a queen. Meher says it would look a lot better in Amrita’s neck. Amrtia says how can I take it? Meher says you are the eldest in this house. Mummy ji’s MIL gave it to her, Kulwant says I will get her another one. She didn’t like it. Meher says bhabhi, you will wear it. SHe makes Amrita wear it. Amrita recalls Kulwant asked her to wear artificial jewelry only.

Kulwant says this is your shagun’s necklace. Meher says you told me we are the same now. We won’t hide anything from each other. Meher says I will keep thing ring. Amrita says this necklace will look good on you. Kulwant says she’s right. Meher says I know for my mom nothing is more important than my happiness. My happiness is in Amrita keeping it. Kulwant hugs Meher and says the mother is always two steps ahead of kids. Meher says I am your daughter, I am 4 steps ahead.


Choti Sardarni 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher says to Tarkash do you have any shame? Sarab says what is this way to talk to Tarkash? He can’t do anything like that. Meher shows him Amrita’s face and says now you believe?

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