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Choti Sardarni 1st December 2020 Param brings Karan as well. They give him his sweater. Amrita sets up everything. Ginni says to Rana you also start your business. Ginni says I will teach my kids French. A neighbor comes to ask for milk. Ginni says we need your kids. Amrita says I opened coaching classes in the house.

Sarab counts the list. He says there are 49 students ready for Amrita bhabhi’s coaching. And Param 50th. Sarab says I am proud of you Meher. You have helped her get on her feet. Param says I will meet Yuvi and study with Amrita aunty as well.

Scene 2
Seema says where are you going Vikram? He says have some work. Vikram says I have to go. Seema says no, Amrita cooked herself.

Manav calls Pathak and Robbie. He says I have to send the report to Harleen. Pathak says we will handle it. We will take it to Harleen. Don’t worry.

Meher says to Sarab I will drop Param to the class. Sarab says I have to study from you as well. Meher says what? He says Ishq wala love. He makes Meher wear spectacles. He imagines Meher and himself in the class. Meher and Sarab dance in the class. Param says mama let’s go. Meher says yes.. Param says leave papa’s hand first. Meher gets embarrassed. Param says let’s go mama. They leave.

Scene 3
Amrita and Ginni put the board outside the house. Amrita asks the parents to sit inside. Pepole congratulate her. Amrita says mummy ji will inaugurate it. Kulwant comes. She reads the box and is shocked. She throws the board away and says how dare you? Meher holds it and says stop it. Kulwant says levae the board. Meher takes it from her. Kulwant says Amrita tell her I am her mother. Don’t mess with me. AMrita says Meher I will do something else. Meher says you’re teaching people not doing a sin. This board will be placed here. Kulwant I won’t let it be placed on my house. I will see who can. Meher says to women a woman is trying to teach your kids and stand for herself. What’s the problem? Kulwant says this is my house. I decide what happens here. Meher says I permit it. If you’re the owner of this house, I am the daughter of this house. Meher takes the hammer from inside.

Meher comes and looks for the hammer. Kulwant says don’t act smart with me. Meher says the classes will start here. This is my house as well. Kulwant says your house is Gill masion. Go and get it done there. My DILs won’t work here. Kulwant says you can’t go against me. Meher says this is for rights of my DILs. I will fight for them. Kulwant says go fight Vikram before he takes your son.

Pathak comes to Manav to take the DNA report. Manav says I hope my Karan will be in my hands. They shouldn’t be in anyone else’ hands except for Harleen. I don’t want any defamation on Sarab’s name. Pathak says don’t worry about is.

Aditi says see Vikram, Sarab veer ji is on TV with Karan. He’s doing party conference with Karan. Politicians tell Sarab it’s getting out of hands, the covid situation. Sarab says I care about Punjab’s kids as much as I care for mine. Aditi says I have so much request for him. He’s being a father and a politician together. Btw you also learn to change diapers. You also will have to do it when we have a kid.

Scene 3
Meher places the board. Kulwant recalls Pathak opening the coaching for her and say this will be the only one in Atari. Kulwant throws the other way away. She breaks the chairs and says I will see who will open coaching here. I will break the heads. Amrita cries. Ran says what are you doing mummy ji? Meher sits in the hall and says I won’t move from here until Amrita’s coaching opens here.


Choti Sardarni 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Media reports that Karan is not Sarab’s child. He’s Vikram Dewan’s child. Meher had and affair with him before her wedding. Meher and Sarab are shocked.

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