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Choti Sardarni 1st April 2021 Sarab refuses to accept that Meher has died. He scolds everyone and asks them to keep quiet as Meher is sleeping. The IG orders his men to hold Sarab while they put Meher in the ambulance. Bitu and Rana try to console Kulwant. Sandhya is also taken to the hospital where she is continuously blabbering Meher’s name. Shushma reaches there and is broke to see her daughter’s condition. Sarab follows the ambulance and asks where they are taking her. He says that he found her with so many difficulties and now they are separating him again from her.

At home, Param decides to narrate a poem to Meher when she will be back. Karan and Seher like his idea, they clap and hug him. Param asks the cook to prepare Meher’s favorite dishes. Staff members cry as they also know now that Meher is dead. Seher can’t wait to see Meher and says that it’s already evening but Harleen didn’t bring Meher home. Harleen asks him to control himself and accept that Meher is no more. Sarab says that Sandhya and Kulwant are responsible for all this and again rushes towards Meher and asks her to wake up.

Robbie also tries to bring Sarab back to his senses and says that he should do Meher’s last rights. Sarab asks Harleen what happened to Meher. Harleen slaps him and then hugs him. She says that Meher wont wake up now. Sarab still rejects what she is saying and says that its not Meher.

Kulwant pleads Sarab to fulfill Meher’s last rites. Sarab says fine he will do as they say but he knows that she is not Meher. Sarab finally performs Meher’s last rights. At home, the kids are waiting for Meher and gets excited hearing car sound. Harleen asks him to get a grip over himself as they need to handle the kids too. Kids smile seeing Sarab and search for Meher. Karan asks why are they looking sad. Seher and Param ask them about Meher.

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Telecast Date:1st April 2021
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