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Choti Sardarni 19th April 2021 Seher asks Sandhya to come with them to the donations. She says God will bless you when you come with us. Sarab says Sandhya ji please touch these things. Harleen looks at her in anger. Sandhya touches it. Sandhya says I am sorry. I don’t even deserve your pardon. It all happened because of me. Sarab says Rajan did it all.

Fateh and Tejo come to the festival. The singer comes there. They all enjoy it. Fateh imagines dancing with Jasmine.

The media surrounds Sarab and sandhya and ask her questions. They say she is the one you had an affair with right? Sandhya says shut up. What are you saying? The media says the whole of Punjab wants to know what you did to Meher ji. Sarab asks Sandhya to take kids inside. Harleen shouts who let you people in.

Scene 2
Fateh gets a call. HE says I am coming. Tejo asks what happened? He says a girl was found on highway. She was badly injured. No one knows who she is. I have to go there. She says I will also come with you. They come to the hospital. Fateh looks at her, it’s Meher. Fateh asks any improvement? He says she didn’t get conscious. Fateh says don’t know where is she from and who is she. When will she get conscious? The doctor says we can just hope. Tejo comes in and says bebe calls I have to go home. He says sure you go. I will get meds for her. She didn’t see Meher’s face and leaves.

Fateh is worried for Meher. Tejo calls. She asks how is she now? Fateh says the same. Her family must be so worried. The media asks Sarab what is your relationship with Sandhya? He says she’s my guest. The woman says wow nice guest. Sarab says if someone is in trouble and they need me, I can give my life for them. a reporter says so you killed your wife for her? Sarab says nothing happened to Meher ji. If anything happened to her, I would be dead as well. My Meher ji is alive. Meher ji is my God and I can feel her presence. I don’t need to prove her existence to anyone.

Scene 3
The song tere miti mein ghul jawan. Khushbeer says see son this is our Punjab. This is our culture. Jasmine comes to Jass. She says let’s dance. How people celebrate Besakhi in Canada? He says it’s more of a hip hop. Do you want to compete with me? HE says yes. Khushbeer says a very Punjabi cultural event. Jasmine comes on the stage and sings dil laa diya beparwah de naal. They dance in a modern way on the stage. He gets angry. Khushbeer leaves in anger. He says girls like her should be kicked out of Punjab. They live in India and act like they are from Canada.

Fateh hears all this and says Jasmine let’s go. He drags her from the stage. Jass stops her hand. He says what happened Fateh? He shoves Fateh’s hand. Jasmine dances on the floor. She collides with Fateh. Fateh says are you done? Let’s go now. Jass says what’s your problem? Jass says she’s my SIL. Leave her hand. Fateh says before that she is my neighbor. I don’t want people to speak ill of her. Fateh shoves him. Jass and Fateh start hitting each other.

Jass is about to punch him more.. Jasmine stops him. She says why are you hitting Jeju? He says your jeju started it. Jass calls his boys but they say he’s MLA’s son. Can’t mess with him. Jass says can’t mess with him either. What if he calls the police. It would be trouble. He says sorry brother. Fateh says it’s not okay. Jasmine says why did you hit my brother in law. Jass says it’s okay. Today is Punjab day. Jass says sorry Fateh. Come to my wedding. He says Jasmine doesn’t tell Tejo. She would get worried. Fateh says we won’t tell Tejo. Jasmine says let’s go eat something.

The reporter says see how he had Sandhya in his arms. Sarab holds him and says now report I have your reporter in my arms. You people have no shame. He says your disgusting thoughts are embarrassing. You, people, call help being with someone. You people add lies to the truth and make it the truth. You people have no shame. He says I don’t need to prove my love and loyalty to anyone. You all can go. And remember, as long as my breaths are going on, there would be only one name in my heart Meher.

Scene 6
Fateh drops Jasmine home. She says thanks. He says thanks to you. she says why are you thanking me? He says for coming with me. He says bye. His brother calls him and says papa’s very angry. Fateh says this day is bad as a whole. Papa saw Jasmine like that, then fight. Then that girl in the hospital. Tejo says you look worried. Are you thinking about that girl? He says I was thinking life brings you on such difficult phases sometimes. She says not everyone gets a complete life. He says are you happy with this wedding? She says my family is happy, so am I. He says for you family is more important than love. She says will fall in love as well. If you get a job, Jasmine will have both, love and Canada. He recalls what his dad said. She says what did your dad say? He says stop worrying for me. It’s your wedding tomorrow. Tejo says I hope no one has to part from love.

Scene 7
Fateh stops the bike and sees Sarab sitting by the lake. He calls the doctor says how is the patient? Did she get conscious. I hope her family reunites with her. Sarab looks at him. Fateh says God have mercy on her. Fateh takes out Jasmine’s photo and says I don’t know what to do. He asks what happened Singh Sarab? Tears and smile together. Sarab says I can ask you the same. He says every broken heart is the same. Sarab says when I feel lonely I come and sit here. I feel like she’s around. Fateh says this how love is. It makes you feel like she’s around even when she isn’t. This is Jasmine. Sarab says she loves you a lot? He says she loves Canada more than me. For her, I am trying to go to Canada. Sarab says I can get you sponsored there. Fateh says I want to go there on my own. I will find a job there. You pray that I get my love soon. Wo are you here for? Sarab takes out Meher’s photo. It falls inverted on the ground. Fateh picks and gives it to him. He didn’t see the face. Fateh says the sun is setting. I thought you came here to throw the coin. Make a wish and throw a coin. Sarab says I don’t believe in all this. Fateh says neither did I but love makes you. When nothing is working out, you should try everything. Sarab says I don’t know if I should hear to my mind or heart. Hope is like sun, it rises and settles. Fateh says don’t give up on hope. Let’s make your wish and throw a coin. They throw a coin together. Fateh says God I have left everything on you. I want my love. Sarab says God, you know everything. What’s in my heart as well. Please unite me with my Meher ji. They drop the coin together.

Meher breathes in the hospital. Fateh says now see how your wish will come true. He leaves.


Choti Sardarni 20th April 2021 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jasmine says if mummy finds out shagun chunri is missing, she will be so mad. Fateh says as long as I am here, you don’t need to worry about anything.The media says Meher is no more. Her husband killed her. Sarab killed her. The kids see it on TV. They are shocked.

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