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Choti Sardarni 18th October 2020 Kulwant says jamai ji? Sarab goes out. Kulwnt looks at Manav. Meher is standing with Aditi. Kulwant says in heart is he looking at his wife or my daughter. Kulwant stands with them. She says Meher come with me. I have to talk to you. Kulwant says to Meher, I have to talk to you. Meher ignores her. Kulwant says I wanted to tell you last week. Meher says what is it? Kulwant says I have proof this is Manav, not Vikram. Meher says I know. Anything else? Kulwant says still you let him here? Meher says he’s Aditi’s husband, this house SIL. Kulwant says he’s the bad time of this house. I am here to eradicate all this. Meher says you’re the one who created all this mess. Don’t do more drama. Kulwant says do you know he hasn’t told anyone about his reality yet.

Manav says to Seema have your medicine. Take them on time. Surya says only your son can handle you. Manav gives her meds. Kulwant asks Meher to look there. Kulwant says Seema didn’t see her son for 25 years. She was told Manav was her son. He loves his mom a lot.

He loves his mom a lot. Aditi goes on the table. Aditi says you missed this tablet. He says tahnk you. Seema says see Surya, our kids are so nice. They spoke just to take care of me. If that’s the reason you would talk, I would wish to stay sick. Manav says don’t say all that mom. Aditi says yes don’t say things like that. Seema says orry kids. Aditi says she said she won’t take medicine when you weren’t here Vikram and I.. Vikram says I have a call.

Bitu and Rana are drinking. Param comes with the cake. Harleen says all the arrangement and decor, food, drinks, and complete menu was done by our Sardar Param. Everyone claps for Param. Harleen says he also designed how would the cake be. Everyone claps for him. Param says ladies and gentlemen, here’s the special mama papa cake. He shows the cake. Param comes with a woman and says Param can’t find his papa. The girl takes care of him. He is replaying how he met Param. A man comes and says he’s mys on. The girl calls people to take him to police station like Meher did. They took Sarab to police station.

He replays how Meher and Sarab spend time with each other. Meher always gets him juices and Sarab always has a stomach. The actor Meher says Sarab always catches me before I fall. Meher and Sarab smile. Param says let’s cut the cake.

Manav is drinking. Seema says everyone’s there. Why are you drinking here? He says mom some work stress. I am enjoying. Seema takes him towards the cake cutting ceremony. Harleen says I took the best decision for my brother to choose Meher as his wife. Sarab and Meher, looking at you two makes my heart so happy. May you two stay happy with each other like this. Manav drinks more. Harleen says we are lucky to have a DIL like Meher. Sarab says people say when you’re really happy time doesn’t feel. Similarly, I don’t know how last year passed. The biggest happiness of my life was with me. I saw Meher at the temple and fell in love with her. Love at first sight. Meher says I thought I would come here as Param’s mama. Sarab says and my wife. Sarab says she’s the blessing of my life. Sarab says she is my strength. Jagga says with age, romance reduces. Sarab says let’s show them.

Scene 2
Sarab and Meher dress as an old couple. Sarab says Meher ji.. He coughs. He says I am going to Goa with my friends for romance.. Meher says did you keep BP medicine? He says sweets? Meher says no medicine. He says yes I kept it. Meher says teeth set? He says yes. Meher says glasses? She makes him wear glasses. Meher says why do you want to go to Goa in this age? He says I am forever young.

Sarab dance on Bachna ae haseeno with girls. Meher looks at him angrily. He says see I am still young. Meher says will you come back by 5? He says why? MEher says me and my friends are going for a tour to Bangkok on the 5th. Sarab coughs and laughs. Meher says what’s so funny? He says an oldie like you to Bangkok? She says still people call me the hottest in town.

Meher dances on desi girl. Param dances with her. Everyone enjoys. Sarab joins her. Meher falls Sarab holds her. Manav looks at them.


Choti Sardarni 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab says to Kulwant mummy ji I am asking something from. Kulwant says I can give my life for you. Sarab says you to be arrested. I know you killed Manav.

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