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Choti Sardarni 18th June 2021 Tai ji says for the first time my Sardar ji insulted me. I won’t talk to him until he comes to me and asks for an apology. I won’t forgive you for ruining the most special relationship in my life. I won’t leave until I get you kicked out of this family. I thought you’re an ill-mannered girl but you’re super clever. You’re a stain on Gill family. I will wash away this stain. So don’t do this drama of innocence. Keep your tears for when I kick you out of this house. I will bite your venom with venom. I will make you cry tears of blood. Meher is in tears. Meher picks the food. Meher says I accept all your anger but don’t let it out on the food. Tai ji grasps her arm and says don’t you get what I said? I won’t even eat or drink anything that you touched. I will get you kicked out of this house. Come with me. She drags Meher out. Harleen says Tai ji.. What are you doing? Tai ji shoves Meher on the floor and says do your drama snow. Meher cries. Her foot hurts. Tai ji locks the door.

Sarab comes and says are you okay Meher ji? She says I slipped. Sarab picks her. Meher says Tai ji is very angry, we shouldn’t tell her about Karan yet. Dolly hears and says so Meher is planning to tell her? But I am not an idiot like Harleen. I will tell her before you. The kids are playing. She looks at Karan and says I told you Karan, this sarbala’s sehra would be too heavy for you.

Scene 2
The kids try to pick the mangoes from the tree. Param says we will get scolded. Karan says this is our garden, I will pick them. Daar ji looks at Karan and recalls what Sarab said. Karan tries to pick the mangoes. Dolly says to Tai ji I have to tell you one thing but don’t tell anyone I told you. She says what?

Daar ji comes out to the kids. He asks what happened? Seher says Param and I wanted to eat mangoes so Karan was helping us. Daar ji says how will he help? He will weaken the walls of this house by throwing stones. Karan says no I will get them if my siblings want to eat it. Daar ji says I have seen many dramas who try to take fruits by throwing stones. You might only get one and you will run away with it. If you really cared for your siblings, you would have been on the tree. But you can’t be brave because your blood isn’t like Gill blood.

Dolly tells Tai ji. Tai ji says what? Karan isn’t Sarab’s blood? Why didn’t you all tell me and Daar ji? Dolly says Meher and Sarab never wanted to tell you. Meher says to Sarab I will fix all these cracks in our family before dad’s anniversary. We will celebrate his anniversary together. Meher prays.

Scene 3
Karan starts climbing the tree. Seher and Param ask him to be careful. Karan keeps going up. He picks a mango.. Daar ji says will get your siblings a green fruit? Param says to be careful. Daar ji says that stem has ripe mangoes, get them. Karan climbs further up and picks a mango. He climbs on another one and gets another mango from there. Karan falls… Param and Seher scream.

Meher and Sarab run out. Karan is hung from the stem. He says my hands are slipping.. Save me. Param and Seher are worried. Karan cries and says I will fall, please save me. Param calls the servants and asks them to bring the ladder. Karan is hung. Meher and Sarab are out. Param says Daar ji please save Karan. Seher says please Daar ji.. Please save him. He will fall. They cry. Meher and Sarba come running there and see Karan hanging. Sarab runs there…. Meher says no. Sarab says Karan will fall. He will get injured. Meher says nothing will happen. Karan cries and says Daar ji please save me. Sarab says my Karan will fall, I can’t let anything happen to him. Meher says Daar ji will save Karan. Sarab says please let me go. Meher says you heard what he said? The flower belongs to the garden it blossoms in. Daar ji looks away. Karan cries and says Daar ji please save me. Seher cries and says Daar ji please save Karan. Param says please help him. Seher says he will fall. Why are you standing like that? Karan cries.

Tai ji says you can’t even think what storm will come when Daar ji finds out about this. He will destroy everything. Seher and Param say don’t worry Karan. We won’t let anything happen to you. Karan says let me fall, you more. You will get injured too. Param says we will catch you. Seher says it’s okay if we get injured too. Karan’s hands slip. He screams. Daar ji catches him. Karan cries and hugs him. Meher and Sarab come there. Karan cries. Daar ji hugs him. He puts Karan on the ground and says go drink water, naughty kids. Karan hugs Param and Seher. They all cry. Karan gives them mangoes. They get happy. Karan says I told you I will get you both mangoes. Seher says first you didn’t save Karan. Why did you provoke him to climb on the tree? Param says what if anything happened to our brother? Seher says then you looked back like nothing happened. Daar ji says Sarab, I have to make an important announcement. Besides kids, all Gill family should be there.

Scene 4
Band Baja comes outside. The inspector says what is this Kulwant Kaur? Why did you call them? She says I am going from my in-laws today. He says you’re not going anywhere. Kulwant says look behind. SDM comes. The inspector salutes him. He asks the inspector to release Kulwant and says here are her bail papers. SDM says you did so many favors for us. I could do this for you. She says now I will lock up someone else’s life.

Kulwant comes out. Bitu and Rana tell Kulwant that they tried to blackmail Meher but she didn’t pay heed. Rana says that Tai ji accused us of theft. She said our entire family is criminal. Kulwant says Meher is so proud of being a good wife and mother. Now you see what I will do. I won’t let that mother or wife live.

Scene 5
Everyone comes to Daar ji. Amrit says before you say anything I want to tell you something. That K.. He stops her and says the time has repeated itself. The history repeated and something happened again that happened 25 years ago. The truth that parted my ways with my brother. Today a similar truth came in front of me. Some of you might know that Karan isn’t Gill family’s blood. Dolly and Tai ji are shocked that he knows.


Choti Sardarni 19th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tai ji says ask long as this girl and that Karan are here, I won’t be a part of this family. Whether it’s dinner or Gurbaksh’s death anniversary. Daar ji says to the kids your dadi won’t be a part of tomorrow’s event. Meher says our entire family would be together. Daar says are you sure? Meher says yes, I will unite my family.

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Telecast Date:18th June 2021
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