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Choti Sardarni 18th January 2021 Param wears the glasses and cries. Sarab says don’t worry you will get used. Param says if I run or pick Karan it will fall. He says when I take off glasses I can’t see.

Kulwant says to Amrita don’t tell Meher. She gives her money. Amrita leaves it on the table. Kulwant says my right eye is blinking, some big mess is going to happen.

Scene 2
Meher is cooking. Sarab says please forgive Param. How long would you not talk to him? Meher says I am his mother, I know when to be mad and when to love him. Sarab says you are overreacting. Meher says I am waiting for right time. SArab says he’s so close to you. I know you can’t live without talking to him as well. Meher says just because I am not talking to him doesn’t mean I am not keeping an eye on his. She shows him video of Param’s room. Sarab says then what’s wrong with talking? Meher leaves the stove open. The fire blows with wind. The gas is leaking.

Khushi comes home. She looks at Param and laughs. Harleen says behave. Harleen says she’s only joking. You look so cute with these spectacles.

Param says Meher mama was saying I got these glasses because of my irresponsible behavior. Harleen says don’t be sad. He says I am only sad because Meher mama isn’t talking to me. She didn’t even wish me lohri. Harleen says when someone isn’t talking to you, you also stop giving them attention. You go and say you won’t go to Lohri function. Mehre mama would come running to you. Param says but I want to go. She says yes you would, just say it. Harleen goes to the kitchen to get soup for herself and the kids.

Scene 3
Yuvi picks Jagga’s paint. Jagga says I am painting my bike. Yuvi runs with the paint box and says I want to paint my cycle as well. He throws the paint on Kulwant. Amrita says Yuvi.. Kulwant says it’s okay. My right eye was blinking I thought something big is going to happen, but it was only this. Jagga washes her face.

Harleen comes to the kitchen. She looks for a lighter. Gas is leaking. Sarab looks for Harleen. Param asks where is mama? Sarab says she is garden looking after Lohri preps. Meher is getting preparations done. Karan plays. Meher says to Karan, your milk is boiling. My Karan will wear new clothes. This Lohri is very special. PAram says Ajay uncle, I won’t be a part of this Lohri. Unless Meher mama talks to me and says sorry to me, I won’t come to this Lohri. Meher looks at him in anger. Meher goes after him.

Harleen picks matchstick. Sarab comes towards the kitchen. Meher thinks the milk must have boiled. She goes to the kitchen. Sarab and Meher both are coming towards the kitchen. Harleen is trying to light a matchstick. She lights it and the gas blasts. Sarab shoves her. Meher runs in. Harleen screams Sarab.. He tries to extinguish the fire. Meher picks Harleen and says di are you okay? Harleen says who put this milk on the stove? Meher says I did. Harleen says and you left the gas on? Thank God Sarab came on time and saved everyone. You call Param and irresponsible and look at yourself. Sarab says she didn’t do it intentionally. Harleen says but it was her irresponsibility. Sarab says we should thank God everything is fine.

Scene 4
The Lohri function starts. Kulwant and family come. Kulwant’s eye is still blinking. Everyone dances and enjoys together.

Param asks Khushi is it fun in a hostel? She says not at all. Khushi says hostel life is so tough, if you break discipline you get punished. Yuvi says why do you live there then? Khushi says mom sent me. I was naughty. I didn’t listen to her, she got mad and stopped talking to me. Then she spoke to papa and sent me to the hostel. Yuvi says Param you also pack your bags. You slept during the exam. Param cries. Param says Meher mama can never do that. I will say sorry to her.

Amrita says to Meher Yuvi is getting out of my hands. He threw paint on mummy ji. Mehee says he is a kid. Your coaching center is starting from tomorrow. I will ask my friends to send their kids there. Amrita recalls what Kulwant said. Amrita says I was talking about Yuvi. Meher says if you think he’s getting out of your hands. Meher such indiscipline kids should be sent to the hostel. Amrita says but he’s a kid. Meher says in such a young age only a hostel can teach discipline to kids. Amrita says isn’t he too young? Meher says he will learn things there and stop being stubborn. Param runs back to his room.

Sarab says to Meher let’s get ready for Lohri. Param comes to his room crying. Yuvi and Khushi are betting if Param would go to the hostel. Yuvi says he would. Param sobs. Khushi says what happened? We were only playing. Param says Meher mama is sending me to the hostel. She was telling Amrita. Yuvi says you are gone. My cousin stays in a hostel, the guys there broke his teeth. Khushi says seniors bully you a lot. You have to shower at 6 and go to the ground. And you can’t talk in the class. You get punished all the time.

Sarab says Karan, papa is ready. Meher comes as well. Sarab looks at her. Meher flips her hair. Sarab touches his nose to tease her.


Choti Sardarni 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Param burns his bag in anger. Everyone is shocked. Param cries and says you all are bad. I am a young baby, how will I go to hostel?

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