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Choti Sardarni 17th September 2021 Harshdeep is angry. She says no never. I will never let my past take over my present. Everything is going as per my plan. I waited years for this moment. I won’t let anyone come between me and my dream. I will make my dream a reality.

Scene 2
Anurita calls Param and says where are you taking me for coffee? He says wherever you ask. She says my choice matters so much? He says only you matter. He says I mean your choice matters. She says coffee will be over in 15 minutes. He says we can order another one. Harshdeep calls Anurita and says come here fast. Leave whatever it is. Anurita says to Param, I am sorry. we have to cancel today’s plan. he says it’s okay. He says I will wait for you to be free and your call. She says by. Anurita says I hope everything is okay.

Seher asks Rajveer what’s the name? He says whose name? He says the name of your one-sided love? The person you love so much. He says this means Seher didn’t see her name. Seher says who’s that girl you write so much about? I shouldn’t talk to you. I told you everything but you never told me anything. What’s her name? He says her name is Seher. Seher is shocked. He says I meant.. Seher let’s do breakfast. Let me get aalo parathas made. Seher says Rajveer I am asking you her name. He says I don’t know. Seher says what do you mean? He says I really don’t know. She says you don’t know her name and you love her and wrote all these poems for her?

He says yes Seher. I fell in love with her at first sight. But what’s the point now. She can never be mine. Let’s go and have breakfast. Seher holds his hand. Seher says I thought Kunal loves me the way I love him. But see.. my love was also one-sided. It ended. But I won’t let your one sided love end. Where is she? Where does she live? He says I don’t know. I won’t be able to find her. Seher says okay then I also make you a promise. You did so much to find my love. Now it’s my turn. You said we will divorce after the case ends. Before that I will find your love. Rajveer drops the diary. Someone knocks on the door.

Rimple becomes the detective. She says I am getting ready. Mausa says what? She says to win the bet. there’s nothing between Raj and Seher. I will prove that. He says but what are you listening on these headphones? She says I am listening to Rajveer and Seher. I put a mic on their breakfast. He says are you crazy? have to shame. The maid takes breakfast inside. Mausa says this is so wrong.

Seher sees a cockraoch and screams. She says please kill it. I will faint. He says your brothers call you a lioness? He says you take it out. I am with you. Seher says you’re scared of a cockroach? Take it out, please. Rajveer says I am trying. He says please go. Seher says to write it an application. Rajveer says cockroach if you love your life get out. Ramila says it’s about my bet. I am Rimple. Rimple never loses.

They breathe heavily. Mausi ji starts hearing it and think something else. Seher says Rajveer you can do this. He says I have never done it before. Seher says I never did it before. She says do it. he throws a slipper. Mausa ji says enough Rimple.

Scene 3
Anurita comes to a child’s room. Dida says you have to decorate this room with toys and lights. There will be a baby cradle there. There should be no shortcoming. No one should know about this room. Anurita says kids’ room? Why are you getting this designed so early? They just got married. Harshdeep says do what I asked. And yes, don’t tell anyone. Anurita wonders what’s going on.

Harshdeep sees a photo and says my son, so much time has passed without you. But no more delays. You have to come back to me. Those are sonography photos.


Choti Sardarni 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Harshdeep comes to Seher and Rajveer’s room while they are sleeping. She leaves a toy there. Seher sees her. She’s shocked.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2021
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