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Choti Sardarni 16th September 2021 Rajveer comes to Seher and says light.. fann.. Let me fix it. She holds her ear. He says you want me to hold my ear? Seher makes signs. she says Rajveer.. quarantine.. dance. He says I am dancing Seher. He dances. Seher says what are you doing? I was saying sorry. You have to be quarantined because of me. Ramila comes out and says they are only dancing. Harshdeep says I got this inducer. Its smell will get Seher in the mood.

Harshdeep sends the food inside. Rajveer makes Seher eat like a kid. Seher says I don’t want to eat. He says if you don’t eat Param won’t eat either. Seher says really? He makes her eat. Rajveer says Param asked me to tell you much did you eat. I should tell him you only ate one bite and he would eat the same. Seher says okay I am eating. Harshdeep’s smell starts making Seher feel better.

Scene 2
Harshdeep says I am very happy today. Mausa ji asks why? Bobby says no one understands didi’s game. Harshdeep says Mausi ji will lose the bet. Ramila says I will see you.

Seher starts smiling. Rajveer looks at her. Seher caresses Rajveer’s face. Rajveer says kuch kuch hota hai. Seher says to me as well but I don’t know what. It feels so good. Rajveer says the smell is so good. Seher says I feel so weird. Rajveer says there’s a weird feeling my heart. Seher sees the spoke and says is this because of this diffuser?

Scene 3
At night, Seher says why am I tied to your hand? He says you sleepwalk. I will go everywhere with you. She says I am going to the washroom. Seher says I am going. He says don’t lock the door. I will wait for you outside.

Seher doesn’t answer after a while. Rajveer says Seher why are you not answering? I am coming in. Rajveer goes in. Seher has fainted on the floor. Seher is cold. She shivers. Seher says I feel so cold. Hug me please. Rajveer hugs Seher. Rajveer hugs Seher to sleep. He snorts.

Scene 4
Mausa ji asks who won? Harshdeep says let me call Rajveer. She calls Rajveer. Seher says we were in the same bed? What happened. Harshdeep says I won. Ramila says she only asked if they slept together. Mausa ji says she said she was in the bed. Ramila says nothing must have happened between them. Harshdeep says but.. Ramila says don’t forget who you’re talking to. Don’t forget you came to me with small Rajveer when your husband left you. When I gave you home and when I made you didi. That 16 January. Harshdeep leaves. Mausa ji says why did you talk about that day? You know it shakes her up.

Seher cries and says we slept together? Rajveer says yes we did.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2021
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