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Choti Sardarni 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 16th May 2022  Episode starts with Dolly talking to Zoravar and says Kulwant will be bailed out anyhow, but who has spread this news in media. Zoravar says nothing is hidden from Media. He wonders who got this news published. Mannat comes there and blames him for taking advantage of her weak point and got the news published. Zoravar says do you think that I can do this.

Mannat says I was wrong to have hope from a businessman. She says my Dadi is in jail and I am talking to you here, as I can’t take her out. She says you might feel some emotions, I wish I could have meet your mother and ask her, why she didn’t make you expressive about emotions.

He gets angry and signs workers to go. Workers go. He kicks on the paint box and it splashes on her face. He asks her not to speak about his mother. She says I will do. Zoravar asks her to leave and says you are the reason for your problems. He asks her not to show her face again.

Scarlet comes there and shows the factory logo. Manager says someone had burnt it. Zoravar asks who has burnt this. Scarlet points finger at Mannat and says she has done this to take revenge from you. She says your Mom’s name was written on it. Mannat says she can never do this.

Zoravar blames her and asks her to check her emotions, before lecturing others. Mannat says I am not scared and will see how your factory opens here. He says factory will open, and you will cut the ribbon. Scarlet thinks she was making place in everyone’s heart, and now she will see.

Seher tells that they all have given statement that it was an accident and asks him to free Kulwant. Inspector says the boy’s mother can take back the complaint. Mannat comes there and talks to Kulwant. Inspector asks Bittu to try and make his wife understand. Bittu says she is not listening.

They think to talk to Jeeto again. Seher says we will convince her. Bittu says she is leaving with Gullu, what we will make her understand. Jeeto comes there with his mother and brother, says she is taking back the case and asks him to free Kulwant. Seher thanks her and says I know that you can’t do wrong with your family, we will take out solution together. Jeeto looks at her mother.

A fb is shown, Her mother asks her not to divorce her husband and says our wealth is of your brother, and this is your house now. She asks her to thank God, that her sautan is not alive and says woman has to bear in any circumstances. She says you can leave Bittu, but your saas will get your husband remarried, and will take a peaceful breath with Mannat. She asks her to stay there and make their life hell.

She asks her to bail out Kulwant and keep Mannat on her foot. fb ends. Kulwant comes out and tries to talk to Jeeto. She says atleast you realized that I didn’t shoot Gullu intentionally. Jeeto says yes, but I have some conditions.

Zoravar gets the new logo ready. Scarlet asks Zoravar to take revenge from Mannat. He says he wants to play smartly and not dirty. Kulwant asks what is her condition? Jeeto says mannat will not stay in the house, but in Servant’s room. Rajveer and Seher ask what is she saying? Jeeto says Mannat will not get any share in ancestral property and I will not let her get anything. She says she will never call Bittu as her father and shall not call Gullu as her brother. Mannat and Bittu looks on. Jeeto goes.

Manant asks Kulwant not to tell anything to Jeeto and says she is happy that she has shelter and reflection of her loved ones on her. She cleans the Servant’s room and tells Seher that she has taken something from her room. She shows the family pic. Bittu looks at her from outside. Jeeto looks on.

Mannat ties the frame in her room . Jeeto asks Mannat not to think that she will accept her, and says she is letting her stay here as she gave her blood to Gullu. She goes. Mannat tells everyone that the baby stays in the womb for 9 months and then he/she can call Maa. She says Jeeto will accept her and will make her call her Maa.

Dolly asks how dare she to burn the logo. She asks him not to back off, if that girl is coming between him and his dream. Rane tells that they shall give a mattress to Mannat. Jeeto says you are feeling love for her. Karan says atleast you can show humanity on her. Jeeto says nobody saw my pain and cares for this illegitimate girl. Jeeto asks him not to call him Mami anymore and have relation with only Mannat. Karan goes.

Kulwant comes to mannat. Mannat says she will decorate the room more, and tells that she will sleep on mat peacefully. She tells that she will not have any back pain. Kulwant asks her to remember that she is with her always and hugs her.


Choti Sardarni 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gullu goes hug Raj. Kulwant says come to Dadi, Gullu. Gullu gets scared and says to her, don’t kill me. Kulwant breaks down.

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Telecast Date:16th May 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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