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Choti Sardarni 14th September 2021 Dimpy opens the door. They laugh at Rajveer and Seher and say lock the door at least. Seher says it all happened because of you. She throws a pillow at him. Seher asks what happened? He says a muscle pull. She says sleep more in the bathtub. Harshdeep says get ready. We have to go for pagpheray. Rajveer says get ready Seher.

Harshdeep calls bua ji and says they can’t come for dinner. THey are going for pagpheray. Mausa ji says to Rimple don’t think a lot. Rajveer and Seher have love between them. I saw it myself. Ramila says I get that girl very well. She doesn’t consider this house her home and this family hers. Harshdeep says I know you can set everything. Ramila says let her come back after pagpheray. Then let’s see if I will set her or upset.

Scene 2
Tricky dances Seher is coming. Param and Karan look after the food. Badi bi waits for Seher. Seher and Rajveer come there. He says Seher looks so happy. I should give her some time. He stands there. Seher stops and says what happened? He says you go. She says won’t you come? Rajveer says I have an important meeting and then I will come to pick you. Don’t worry. Have a good time with your family. He leaves.

Rajveer comes to the temple and prays. He recalls Seher said yes to the wedding. She said Rajveer can never be her love. She said we have to do drama every week and show everyone we love each other. She said I can’t tolerate all this. Please. He recalls Seher crying. He says baba ji I love Seher more than myself. But I can’t share my feelings with her neither can I leave her alone. At least she can share her pain. Where should I go? Who should I say all this to? When she cries in front of me, it hurts me a lot. I don’t know what to do. I want an answer from you.

What have you written for me? I will break? He hears someone saying till when will you cry? One day or other this love had to go. The man says to the kid I love this bird a lot. She won’t come to me if I leave her. The uncle says no one is happy in a trap. Love is supposed to be free. Set her free. If she flies and gets happy, she will pray for you. The kid says but I love Masakali (the bird). The man says love isn’t just getting that person. Love is also about letting go. Set her free. The kid sets the bird free. Rajveer looks at him. Rajveer says love is about letting go to.

Scene 3
Tricky takes selfies with Seher. He says wow. Badi bi hugs her. Karan and Param see Seher. Seher gets teary. She says are you happy? Seher says everything is fine. Badi bi says look into my eyes then? You are pretending to be happy. Seher says I don’t want to talk about all that. Badi bi says Rajveer doesn’t understand all this? The way you know yourself, he knows you more. Badi bi says he your best friend and protector. Karan and Param say she looks happy. They ask Rajveer didn’t come? We made his favorite things? Karan calls him. Rajveer comes in. Karan says we made everything.

Seher asks Ravjeer you went to the meeting? He says I lied. Seher asks why? He says you said you are happy. Seher says my mood is perfect. He says we are friends and we trust each other. I know we can’t love each other. Once Karan, Param’s case closes and Dida’s career is stable we will take a divorce. Seher is shocked. He says your freedom is your happiness. Freedom from me and this relationship. In a few months, we will end all this. Till then we have to act like the best couple. After that, we will part ways and we will remain best of friends. Deal? Seher says all this? He says I know what’s inyour heart. The pain you hide behind your smile. Seher hugs him and cries. Seher says you have a solution to all my problems. He says we have to smile for everyone. Seher hugs him. Param and Karan look at them and say thank God they are happy.

Param and Karan serve the food. Rajveer says shall we? He holds Seher’s hand and takes her to the table.

Scene 3
Seher and Rajveer laugh at the dinner table. Ramila says smiling so much? He says I told you Seher was tired yesterday. Seher serves Ramila food. Mausa says I thought you would be mad at Mausi ji? She says elder scolding is their love. Seher serves them food. Rajveer says where if your plate? She says we will eat in one plate. Harshdeep says they can’t act in front of me. Seher and Rajveer act like a loving couple.

Harshdeep says I got you sweets Seher. I heard you loved them. She makes her eat. Rajveer says me too? She says no they are for Seher only. Seher feels a bit sick. Harshdeep says this will be fun.


Choti Sardarni 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer says Seher isn’t well. Doctor comes to check her. Harshdeep says I wanted her to get sick. What Mausi ji couldn’t I did it.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
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