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Choti Sardarni 14th June 2021 Param says Seher and Karan you don’t have photos with papa from childhood. What will I place here? Seher says I was in jail. Tai ji hears, she’s shocked. She says what are you saying? Seher says I was born in jail. She says why? Karan says Meher mama was in jail for many days. She’s shocked. Tai ji holds her head. Karan says they came back from jail but nani went to jail. Tai ji says don’t joke, be ashamed. Param says we are not lying. Our nani was arrested when you came. She says why did your nani go to jail? And why your mama? Seher says we have to make the project. A maid gives them biscuits. Tai ji says bring them sweets that I got. The kids aren’t interested.

Karan says, sweets? Tai ji makes him eat. She says I made it all for you. Karan says Dolly Dadi and Harleen bua don’t love me. They keep scolding me. What’s in this? She says I will open this when you answer me. She asks who went to jail? Karan says mama and nani. Bitu and Rana keep going to jail.

Scene 2
Harleen says Meher hurry up. It’s about time for Daar ji’s food. Meher says tell me tai ji’s favorite dishes too. I have to win her heart too. Harleen says she’s so abrupt, you saw what happened. Meher says it’s okay. she’s live a mother. She will love me like a daughter.

Amrit says I will tell everyone now. Daar ji was very impressed by Meher. the kids show the family tree to Daar ji. He is very proud of them. Sarab comes home. Harleen says Tai ji. Meher has made all your favorite dishes and Daar ji’s. Meher serves the food. Amrita says all Gill DILS have taken care of this family’s dignity always. Your friends are coming tomorrow. Daar ji says yes I am very happy. Amrit says Meher call your family too. Daar ji says they will come as well. Let’s double the joy. Meher smiles. She looks at Sarab. Harleen says everyone will come. She says come let’s eat everyone.

Dolly says to Harleen what will we do? It will be fun when they find out Kulwant is in jail. Harleen says I am really worried for Sarab. He will really insult Sarab. Dolly says Meher will get insulted. Harleen says no keep changing the topic. Meher comes to Sarab. Meher says what will happen now? He says I went to talk to Bitu and Rana but they said they will come on the condition if I get mummy ji bailed. Meher says what did you say? He says I said no.

Scene 3
Bitu and Rana tell Kulwant. She says Sarab had to say no. Bitu says he will have to say yes. Kulwant says looks like there will be a twist in the story. This Taya tai must be a big deal, that’s why Sarab came to request you. I will tell you what to say.

Meher says we have to tell Daar ji about mummy ji right now. Sarab says no let’s wait till tomorrow. We will tell them everything tomorrow.

Scene 4
The next morning, Daar ji says Meher made such good food last night. I felt like my mother made the food. She has handled this house so well. Sarab and Meher aren’t like our son and DIL. Sarab is one in a million and so is Meher. Tai ji says in her you will know this when I expose Meher and her family. Mother, daughter and granddaughter, all have been to jail. She says our Rani necklace. I want you to give it to Meher. She deserves it. He says wow, you look changed. Better late than never. Finally, you are trusting her. Meher deserves it. I will give it to Meher in front of her family.

Meher says I will tell Daar ji everything. I don’t know how will he react. I am really scared. He says drink water. Meher is scared. Meher says what if Daar ji leaves? Sarab says I am with you. He will love that we told the truth. Seher says Bitu and Rana are here. They are sitting with Daar ji. Meher runs out. Bitu and Rana are sitting with Daar ji. Daar ji says sit. Tai ji says where is your mom? Bitu says she went to the temple… Bitu says Ludhayana.. Daar ji says what? Tai ji says maybe they mean she went to Ludhyana’s temple. Bitu says yes. Tai ji says call her, let us talk to her. Sarab says Tai ji.. come with me I have to tell you something important. Tai ji says you can’t save your wife today. She goes with Sarab. Meher says I have to tell Daar ji. He says give my meds and ice pack. I will have a chat with your brother till then.


Choti Sardarni 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tai ji shows photos of Seher stealing the money and says these are Meher’s manners. Meher gets angry and says Seher come out.

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