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Choti Sardarni 13th October 2020 Episode

Choti Sardarni 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :

Choti Sardarni 13th October 2020 Meher cries. Manav is shocked. She makes him sit and says she understands him and she sympathizes him. But against time, they can’t do anything. No matter what you plan, in end whatever God has decided will happen. That’s why he should just go back to his wife and his parents.

Martha apologizes to Sarab saying she got too much bitterness after Angel’s accident. She was even upset with her God. After 3 years, today, she finally prayed. She thanks him for everything and asks for forgiveness again. She further tells him to tell his children that Meher mumma is coming to them. She withdraws the case. Sarab is very happy.

Harleen informs at home that Martha withdrew the case. Aditi goes to call Amrita and others. Harleen then video calls Sarab to congratulate. She asks him to come back to India now. They will celebrate their 1st anniversary and Meher’s freedom together. He says he’s coming back soon. He sees Aditi and asks she is there too. Harleen says she doesn’t know what happened, but Aditi came back home next day after her wedding. Vikram is also missing since many days. She’s afraid about pandit’s words becoming true or Vikram having an affair with someone.

Doorbell rings. Meher stands up. Her phone rings. Manav puts it on speaker. Sarab asks her to open the door, there is a surprise. It’s a cake. Sarab informs that Martha withdrew the case. He wishes her a happy anniversary in advance. He told her everything will be okay. He’s very excited. He asks her to do packing. He’s reaching hotel shortly. Manav says this means it’s a year since they got separated. He asks if she remembers his birthday or she forgot that too. She requests him to leave. He picks up a knife and says since he became Vikram, he was always afraid of knives. He was not able to understand why. He asks if she remembers how her mother stabbed him. He stabs the knife in the cake and destroys it. He then apologizes to her and says maybe this is a God’s sign that he doesn’t want her to celebrate anniversary with Sarab. He asks her to do packing, rest they will talk on the way. She asks why he is not understanding, everything has changed. He tells her just to say yes, he will fix everything. She doesn’t need to worry about anything. He keeps insisting her saying how he will live. He will beg to Sarab and he feels Sarab will understand the situation. She asks he’s threatening her? He asks why he would threaten her? He’s just saying.. She asks he will tell everything to Sarab, right? Then go ahead because she has already told him everything. He asks she told that he’s Manav? She just found out that. She says that wouldn’t matter. He doesn’t know Sarab. He’s a great man. Manav asks her to think.. will he be able to tolerate that his wife and his brother-in-law have a relationship? Even if he is able to tolerate, then what about Aditi? She won’t be able to tolerate. He asks her to think about Harleen. Their family will fall apart. Everything will be over. She asks why she feels like he’s blackmailing her. He says he gave up his life for her. She asks what was all this then? He says a try to spend his life with her, a try to make her happy. She says she’s already happy. He says, no. Her happiness is only him (Manav). She can slap him as much as she wants. But he knows she’s helplessly living with Sarab. She won’t accept she loves Manav. But he will make her accept that in front of everyone. He takes her dupatta and leaves from there hugging it. She looks on.

Kulwant calls her sons out and asks them to take her to panchayat. They say what they will do there. She asks what they will do at home? They say they want to earn a name, respect. They want to do something. That’s why they are searching for a job. She asks if they had drink early morning. They can’t do anything. She tells them to stay there with their wives. She leaves.

Meher cries and says why she has to give test again and again. It’s true that she’s very happy seeing Manav. But Meher that he wants died that same day. It’s true that she loved him, but even bigger truth is that Sarab gave her a new life. She was like dead after Manav left. That time Sarab took care of her. Now when she has moved on from her past, she doesn’t want it to come out again. How she should explain this to Manav? She asks the God to show her a path. She can’t let everything get destroyed. Doorbell rings. She opens the door. Sarab lifts her and says he’s very happy today. Martha took her case back. Now no one can separate her from him. They fall in the bed. He asks why she’s crying. She looks at the destroyed cake. He notices it and says that’s all? They can order a new cake. He now gives her another good news that they are going to India tomorrow and they will celebrate their 1st anniversary over there. Harleen has arranged a party. He then informs her that Vikram is behaving strangely with Aditi. After marriage, it seems like he’s running away from her. He didn’t inform Aditi and went somewhere. Surely there has to be another girl in Vikram’s life. If that turns out to be true, then he won’t spare Vikram. He cannot see Aditi sad. She thinks if she tells the truth, then Aditi’s life will be spoiled. One truth will affect Aditi, Sarab, and Harleen’s lives. She cannot let this happen. She will have to talk with Manav not to spoil Aditi’s life. She is confident that Manav will understand her.

Choti Sardarni 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :

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Telecast Date:13th October 2020
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