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Choti Sardarni 13th May 2022 Episode starts with Inspector telling that they have to arrest Kulwant as the gun was in the hand when the bullet was shot. Seher says it was an accident, Nani didn’t do anything.

Kulwant pleads infront of Jeeto to let her meet Gullu once. Jeeto shows Gullu’s blood soaked clothes to her and asks her to meet her. Karan comes inside and asks Jeeto to tell the truth to Police. He says Nani had walked on the burning coal for Gullu, and you knows well how much she loves him.

The Police is about to take Kulwant from there. Rane and Bittu try to stop the Police. Mannat says let her get treatment first, her feet are bleeding. Jeeto’s mother is smiling. The Police takes Kulwant from there. Bittu cries and blames himself. Karan asks him not to lose hope. Ginny says Mummy ji needs your support now. Mannat cries.

Kulwant is in the lock up. Rajveer and Seher come there. Seher asks Kulwant not to worry, and says we will get your bail soon. Rajveer says they have talked to the lawyer.

Kulwant says I agree for this punishment. Seher says whatever you did for Mannat, you didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Kulwant says everyone is my children and I couldn’t handle all of them, I want to see everyone happy, I am not sad for being locked in jail. She hopes Gullu gets fine soon, and tells that she don’t regret for bringing Mannat back. She says it is my duty to give her rights.

Seher says everyone knows your intentions, trust God. She goes to talk to Inspector and asks if Nani can get the bail. The Inspector says that they can’t do anything, Jeeto shall take back the case. Seher asks if Jeeto Mami will agree. Rajveer says lets see. Dolly feels proud of saving Gullu. Zoravar says Mannat also helped me, and taken care of him so much, infact gave her blood also.

Scarlet thinks he is praising Mannat now. Dolly says who had known that Bittu had an affair and his daughter will come day. Kiara asks why Mannat is suffering, what is her mistake. Manager brings Sardaarni..Simrat kaur factory banner. Zoravar says this logo is designed by Kiara and asks manager to send the Logo to Inderpal, with No invitation, as he shall know that they are their mother’s children, will fulfill her dreams.

Mannat asks Seher, where is Dadi? Rajveer says Kulwant will be freed when Jeeto Mami take back the case. Mannat comes to talk to Jeeto. Jeeto signs her to be silent and takes her outside. She slaps her hard on her face. Everyone is shocked. Seher says you shouldn’t have done this. Jeeto asks who are you?

Rajveer says Mannat is the daughter of the house and we are her family. Mannat asks her to scold her, but take Dadi out of jail. Jeeto says your voice, face and everything, I hate them all. She says I don’t care what you have done, don’t be Mummy ji’s Lawyer. Seher says Gullu is alive due to Mannat. Bittu asks how much you will punish Mummy ji? Jeeto says I will give her some pain, which she had given me. Mannat cries. Rajveer talks to someone about getting Kulwant freed.

Seher asks Prince to have something. Prince says even you are hungry. Seher asks him to eat food. Rajveer tells Seher that Kulwant will get bail if Jeeto Mami take back the case. Karan tries to feed food to mannat. Mannat refuses to eat until Kulwant returns. She then takes the plate and tries to feed him food. He says he can’t eat until his sister don’t eat anything. Mannat cries.

Zoravar takes out his shirt and finds its button broken. He takes out another shirt and says even if it broken. Scarlet tries to stitch his shirt button. Kiara asks if she needs help. Scarlet says no. Manager comes there and shows the newspaper. He asks what is the reason to get this news published. Scarlet smiles. Karan reads the news about Mannat, being Kulwant’s second son Baljeet’s illegitimate daughter. Mannat thinks of sharing with Zoravar that she is illegitimate daughter.

She thinks if Zoravar did this. Scarlet says I know how to show value of people. Karan and Rane talk to Reporters, asking them to publish an apology. Karan asks her not to take tension. Mannat cries. Jeeto comes there and claps. She says now the world knows about the illegitimate girl. Rane says this is our family’s daughter. Jeeto asks mannat if she got this news published to ruined their respect.

She says I asked you to come to me, if you miss your mother, but I didn’t know that you are Naagin. She asks why did you tell the world about yourself. Karan says why she will get this news published. Jeeto goes on blaming Mannat. Seher asks Jeeto to understand. Jeeto brings the match stick and burns the newspaper. Scarlet then burns the factory logo banner burnt. Manager says if Sir comes to know. Scarlet asks who will tell, you?

Jeeto blames Mannat and her mother for ruining her life. She tells Bittu that she will punish him all life, and asks him to stay with his illegitimate daughter. She says I am leaving with the heir of this house, I don’t want to stay here anymore, and wants a divorce. Rane says you don’t know what are you saying, you are angry now.

Jeeto says she don’t have the courage to bear it anymore. Bittu sits on her feet and asks her not to leave him. He makes her beat him, and says this house will be ruined without you. Jeeto asks him to leave her and goes. Bittu cries. Rane and Karan try to pacify him. Mannat holds Zoravar for whatever happening in her life and house.

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