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Choti Sardarni 13th March 2020 Written Episode, Choti Sardarni Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 13th March 2020 Episode Start With Meher says Sarab please eat something. Harleen says Meher don’t do this drama. Take this plate from here. Sarab looks away.
Ginni says I can’t live in this shed. Rana says we have to stay here. There’s no other place. Don’t turn your phone off. Kulwant says I don’t know where they are. They aren’t picking up my phone. Who helped them with running away from the hotel? Bitu receives a parcel and says I told you come from the back door.

The blackmailer comes to the party and says give me the second installment. Dolly takes the photos from him. She says I can’t give you any more money. He says you have to give the last installment. 20 crores. He leaves. Dolly cries. She says where will I get the money from. She cries. Harleen says momsi come. She says yes yes I am coming.

Bitu comes to the shed and gives Ginni pizza. She says thank you bro and starts eating. Rana gives her coldrink. Ginni says I am so bored here. Bitu says don’t make any noise. It’s the basement of their own house. Bitu says come out with me. He takes them towards the room. They hear Kulwant coming and hide behind the sofas. Kulwant says Amrita did you call Meher? Bitu stands up. Kulwant says what happened to you? Kulwant bows down. Bitu turns off the lights. Ginni and Rana run inside the room. Meher comes home. Meher says could they find about Rana and Ginni? Meher says no.

Ginni says I can’t live in this basement. It’s so dark. Ginni turns on her phone for light. The inspector tracks her location. He calls Sarab and says Ginni’s phone is tracked. Sarab says send me the location. Meher sees burgers in Bitu’s room. Meher recalls Ginni eats this much. She says this means Ginni is here. Meher goes towards the store. Bitu says what are you doing here? Meher opens the door. Meher says you two here? Get out. I said get out. Sarab and Robbie come. Sarab says wow Meher is this not true either? Harleen says they are in your house. Meher says who brought you here? Robbie says to Ginni why did you do all this. He is in tears. He says we did so much for you. Rana holds Ginni’s hand. He says run Ginni. They run outside and collide with Kulwant. Kulwant says you two? What are you doing here? Jagga says what is happening here? Harleen says Meher had them hidden in this house. She confused us about the hotel. Ginni says I love Rana. Harleen slaps her. Sarab says what are you doing.

Harleen says this is what you wanted Meher. Kulwant says you can’t blame Meher. Jagga slaps Rana and says where were you? Sarab says what is the truth? Sarab asks Ginni to sit down calmly. He says tell me everything. Ginni says Rana and I love each other. Harleen wanted me to marry a rich guy. I knew no one would understand. So we shared it with Meher. She respected and understood our love. We asked her to tell you. I texted Meher if we should run. Meher replied okay. Meher says I didn’t reply to her. Sarab says we heard everything. There’s no more room for lies.

Harleen says Meher made your run as well right? Rana says we really love each other. Harleen says see Meher is lying. She did all this. Robbie says you didn’t do right Meher. Rana says Ginni and I love each other. Jagga says shut up. Bitu says what if it was your daughter? Would you be okay with this? Meher goes to Sarab. Sarab says stay away from me. There are no more lies/ IO did everything you said. I always trusted you. Meher says I never lied. Sarab says you encouraged them to run? I thought you cared about our family name. Meher says please I didn’t lie.

Choti Sardarni 14th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : -Meher says I didn’t lie to anyone. Sarab says enough. He throws the divorce papers towards her.

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Telecast Date: 13th March 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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