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Choti Sardarni 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 13th January 2021 Kulwant is shocked. She says actually.. Meher says Bitu is calling. Kulwant heaves a sigh of relief. Meher says kidnappers ran on one voice. Sarab says who are you a hero? Kulwant says to Bitu and Rana you are both useless. Don’t come home now till Meher is here. Sarab says mummy ji see her. Kulwant says she roped her own mom, She pulls her ear. Yuvi says no one will say anything to Meher bua. She saved Amrita. Kulwant says thank God you’re fine. Yuvi asks Sarab to say sorry to Meher. Meher says Yuvi all the best for the test and sleep on time. Param slept long ago.

Meher and Sarab are on their way. Meher teases him. She says you should say sorry. Sarab says you dared all this not me. Meher says you were joking about me with mummy ji. He says I also said Meher is my life. Meher says you were scared that I might know. He says I am not scared of you. Just a little intimidated.

Scene 2
Jagga comes home. Bitu and Rana tell him somone kidnapped Amrita. Jagga says are you okay? I will kill them. Tell their name. Kulwant says you are responsible for all this. For some money you risked my Amrita’s life. She won’t do a job. Jagga says are you okay? Amrita hugs him.

Meher says I hope sarab is asleep. She tells him when she found Param playing with tab. Param is playing. He hears Meher’s voice and sleeps. Meher says good morning Param. Ready for the test? He says yes. Meher says why is this charger here? Param says please make me milk.I am preparing for the test. Meher gives him milk.

The online test starts. Sarab says to Meher you have to rest here. Meher says but Param’s test is going on. Meher falls asleep. Teacher takes attendance. Param falls asleep. Everyone laughs. The teacher calls Meher but she’s asleep as well. All kids laugh at him. The teacher calls Harleen. Harleen sees Param sleeping. Harleen says Param is not well. The teacher says but Meher said Param is okay and ready for the test. I will speak to Meher. This left a bad impression on all kids. If he was not well why didn’t Meher inform me? Please ask me to talk to her. Harleen says what should I do now? Harleen says Meher is his step child. She focuses more on her child. I have brought him up. She says okay then you come with his medical reports and Sarab. Harleen says what should I do now. Meher would be so mad. Harleen says can he give this exam tomorrow? She says no. Harleen says you just got married right? I can arrange a villa for you in Shimla. Everything would be on you. One day’s rent is a more than your salary. She says thank you. I won’t tell anyone. Harleen says thank God. She takes Param to his bed.

Scene 3
Jagga says I can give you the salary. Amrita says it’s about my earned money that I can help my family with. I will come on time, I only need your support. He says I will speak to mummy ji. You come with me. Rana and Bitu tell Kulwant. He says she’s going on job. Kulwant says Jagga didn’t say anything? He says no.

Meher wakes up. Sarab’s arm is on her. He says let me sleep. Meher says I have to get up. He says I have to sleep with you. He pulls Meher’s dupatta. Meher sings janay do. Sarab pulls her close. He picks her. Meher smiles. Meher says I have to go now. Sarab says no excuses. Meher shoves him on bed.


Choti Sardarni 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meher asks Param how was your exam? Harleen says super hit like always. Param says mama I… Meher says you did all the questions I prepared you for right? Param says I in exam..

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