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Choti Sardarni 13th April 2021 Karan says Seher did Sandhya tell you what surprised was she giving me? She says a big problem happened. Sandhya says it got canceled because your brother made a better surprise for you. Your favorite Rabri jalebi. Karan gets happy. Karan comes and says thank you. You made this rabri jalebi for me. Karan says I got it made for you but it spilled. She lies a lot. Karan says she is not a liar. Param says she is. Karan says you don’t understand.

Karan says she’s not a liar. Sarab says stop it. Param says they think Sandhya is very nice. I will change that perception. I will prove that she can’t talk to mama. I will ask her a question that only we knew. Sandhya won’t answer it. Karan says she will ask mama and tell you. Sarab says sees Meher. She says please stop him. Sarab says why? Their perception will break. Meher says if the truth comes in front of them their heart will break. They think they can connect to me. It’s the reason of their smile. Meher says it’s their home.

Sandhya is telling stories to Seher. Karan says mama’s friend, make Param talk to mama. He thinks you lie. Seher says now see how she talks to mama. Sandhya says in heart I have to lie until Seher gets better. Sandhya says Meher ji.. Sandhya says Meher ji is saying you look very nice. Param says thank her. Karan says see. Param says ask Seher’s date of birth. Sandhya is silent. Karan says yes ask her. Param says see she can’t answer. She was lying. Karan says no she wasn’t. Seher says she will ask mama and tell you. Sandhya is worried. She pretends to talk to Meher. Sandhya says tomorrow. Everyone is shocked. Sandhya says our princess’ birthday is tomorrow. Param hugs her.

Scene 2
Yuvi comes to Jagga’s office. He recalls his moments with Jagga. Yuvi says dadi you said when I grow up I will handle papa’s office. Why are you giving it to Rana? He is langoor. Rana says so this chair is mine. Kulwant says you don’t deserve it. If anything happens to the business you know what can I do.

Sandhya looks at Sarab holding a board with the date of birth. All three kids are hugging her. Param says I am sorry I called you a liar. You can actually talk to mama. Tell her I miss her a lot. Sandhya says she misses you more. Param says when you left last time you asked me to take care of Karan. See I did. Sandhya says you are mama’s big boy. Karan and Param hug and cry.

Seher says on my last birthday papa wasn’t with me and now mama isn’t here. Is this a rule on my birthday? She cries. Sarab hugs her and says don’t say that. You will celebrate with papa. She says I want to be with both of you. Sarab hugs her.

Scene 3
Kulwaant says we will celebrate Seher’s birthday. The world doesn’t stop. Jeeto Ginni get a big gift for Seher. Jeeto says I can ask my daddy to make a cooker. Kulwant says you need to work on your mental condition. Ginni calls Rana and says bring a teddy bear for Seher on your way back from office. Jeeto says office? Is he doing a job. Yuvi says dadi has asked him to handle papa’s business.

Sarab prepares for Seher’s birthday. He says I will do everything Meher did. Harleen says when Seher cuts her cake, she will miss Meher even more. Param says to Sandhya Seher’s day would be special. Param says mama would be missing from the group photo. Karan says mama’s friend, ask mama to come. She has to come. Param says she can’t come. Sandhya aunty can only talk to her. Sandhya says your Meher mama would come tomorrow. All kids smile. Seher says mama will come tomorrow?


Choti Sardarni 14th April 2021 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarab says what joke is this? Why did you promise kids that Meher will come? Why did you make a fake promise? Sandhya says it’s not a fake promise. Meher will come.

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