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Choti Sardarni 12th March 2020 Episode Start With Meher and everyone come outside the room. They come in and see the pizzas on the table. There’s no one there. Meher says the room number was correct. Ginni and Rana are at the elevator. Rana says let’s go from stairs. Ginni says no I will never go from stairs. Meher sees Rana’s watch. Sarab says that means they just left. Robbie says that means they knew we were coming. Sarab says I didn’t learn from my mistake. He looks at Meher. He says she told me they’re here and she must have told them that we are coming. Jagga says it isn’t like that. Meher says why did I bring you here then? Sarab says to show that you care. Param calls Meher and says please come home. I can’t sleep without mama and papa. Meher says don’t worry. Your Meher mama would come to you.

Meher comes home. Amrita says where are they? Meher says your MIL made them run.. I gave her my swear. Kulwant says why did I give you an address then? I can never swear falsely on you. I was in my chair all day. You can check my phone. I only called Bitu. Jagga checks the phone. Kulwant says I swear on Yuvi I didn’t make them. Amrita says please don’t take Yuvi’s false swear. Kulwant says I can never do that. Meher says she is right. She can’t do that. Jagga says who told then? Meher says we have to find out. Bitu called Rana and informed him. He goes to his room.

Scene 2
Rana and Ginni are the at the restaurant. Rana calls Bitu and says thank God you saved us. But where would we go now? Sarab’s men are looking for us. Rana says I know a safe place.

Sarab says what we are doing is wrong. Ginni isn’t happy with this relationship. We have to tell Sandhus she likes someone else. Harleen says she is my responsibility and I gave her my word. But you don’t care. Sarab says I care equally but we have to think through it. Sandhu calls Sarab. He says how is Ginni? Sarab says better. He says we will do the roka tomorrow. Also, it is our marriage anniversary. You all have to come to dinner tonight. Bring Ginni as well.

Mrs. Sandhu calls Meher and says it’s our anniversary. You all have to come to the party. Meher says but.. She says is everything okay? Meher says yes. She looks at the pizza box and says Yuvi is at her granny’s place. Who ordered it? She asks Amrita. Amrita says someone must have ordered it. Meher says Sandhus have invited me to their anniversary party. I have to go. It’s about Gill family name. Amrita says did Sarab call you? Meher says he won’t call me.

Sarab says I won’t go with Meher. Robbie says we shouldn’t go. Amrita says we have to be practical and go there. We can’t let them doubt. Sarab calls the inspector. He says we are trying. If they turn on their phones we will know.

Scene 3
Meher comes to the party. Mrs. Sandhu asks did Sarab come? Meher says he has a meeting. So he will come after the meeting. Mrs. Sandhu says come inside we will know why you both didn’t come. Sarab says to Mr. Sandhu I told Meher not to come. Dolly says she’s due in two months so we asked her to rest. Mrs. Sandhu says I have Meher’s lookalike. Everyone looks at her and is shocked. Meher congratulates them. Sandhu says this is the real surprise. I think we should leave Sarab and Meher alone. These things happen in a marriage. Sandhu says Sarab never lie. It complicates things. Always say the truth. Meher says uncle thinks we fought. You said you have a meeting. Sarab says I had a meeting. Sorry. I couldn’t tell you it was canceled. I told you not to come and rest. Meher says I thought one of us has to be here.

Perry comes and meets everyone. He says why have you hidden my wife to be? Where is Ginni? Harleen says she was feeling weak. Dolly says we asked her to rest. She can come later. Harlen says she will be here at any moment. Perry says I will wait for her.

Dance starts. Sandhu asks Sarab and Meher to dance together. He says ball dance. Everyone dances. The song jab koi baat bigar jaye. Meher looks at sarab. He looks away.

Choti Sardarni 13th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rana comes to Ginni and Rana. Ginni says thank you bro. Inspector tracks Ginni’s phone and informs Sarab.

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Telecast Date: 12th March 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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