Choti Sardarni 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Choti Sardarni 12th January 2021 Meher comes to Param’s room and takes off the blanket. She sees him playing with tab.

Kulwant says why is it dark in the house? Jeeto says I need rest. Ginni says I also need rest. Kulwant says is roti ready? Jeeto says Amrita would know. Kulwant says she’s a madam now. She is doing her job. Yuvi says mama will come in half an hour. Kulwant takes them out.

Meher asks Param you have test tomorrow and you’re playing here. She takes the tab and locks it. Meher says don’t ever miss your timetable.

Kulwant says Amrita isn’t home and this is the kind of food I have to eat. Jeeto picks call. She says mummy ji.. Ginni says 25 lacs. Someone has kidnapped Amrita. The kidnapper says on call if you want your DIL to arrange 25 lacs or I will do 25 pieces of her. Kulwant is shocked. Kulwant says call Meher. Yuvi says papa’s phone is off. Jeeto calls Meher and says someone kidnapped Amrita. Meher asks Harleen to take care of Param. She rushed to Kulwant’s place. Meher tells Sarab.

Param cries and says mama locked my tab. Harleen says don’t cry. Harleen gives him other tab.

Scene 2
Meher comes to the house and says is bhabhi okay. Kulwnt is ready with money and gun. Meher says I will go there. Kulwant says I can’t risk your life. Meher snatches the gun from her. Meher comes out in Kulwant’s clothes. Everyone is shocked. Meher says in Kulwant’s voice and says I will save my DIL. Yuvi says I will come with you. Meher says don’t worry I will bring your mama. Meher leaves. They come in. Kulwant is roped. There’s a note that says no one will release her.

Bitu says when will Kulwant come? Rana says she is our mom. Bitu says mummy ji asked us to be in character. She asked them to kidnap Amrita outside the office to prove Meher wrong. Meher comes there and says in Kulwant’s voice come our kidnappers. I have the money. She grasps Bitu. He wears his mask. They both run. Meher sees Amrita fainted. Meher wakes her up. Meher says who kidnapped you? Amrita says someone put cloth on my face. She gives Amrita water. Amrita says I am fine now. Sarab calls Meher.

Meher talks to Sarab in Kulwant’s voice. She says I roped meher. She said she wants to go and save Amrita. Sarab says you did right. your daughter wants some action all the time. Meher says I didn’t get it. He says she keeps jumping like monkeys. Kulwant says anything else? sarab says she’s amazing though. My life.

Harleen sees the time and says Param please sleep. You have test tomorrow. Param says please let me play. I didn’t play anything at the nest. Harleen says only one more level. She falls asleep. Param says you can sleep. I will leave the tab after 10 minutes. Harleen says okay only 10 minutes.

Scene 2
Sarab comes home and sees Kulwant locked on the tope. He says who was one phone then? Yuvi says Meher bua wore dadi’s clothes and went to catch the goons. Sarab says so it was Meher ji. Kulwant says what? sarab says she said she’s going to catch the kidnappers. Meher comes in with Amrita and says I couldn’t catch the kidnappers but I saved Amrita. Kulwant says could you see them? Meher says yes Bitu. Everyone is shocked.


Choti Sardarni 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jagga asks Amrita are you okay? I will cut them into pieces. Param falls asleep during the test. Meher falls sleep as well.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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